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Comic 599 – “Punchline”


Errol: And finally, the Con-G thread comes to a close! If you don’t get the reference, you will have to see the Comic 571 – “Road Trip”.

Debs: Hahaha! That was awesome 😀 Also, iMatt.

Manda: Yeah, it’s one of the only knock-knock jokes I’ve ever laughed at and enjoyed, the other being interrupting starfish. I think this is the last con-g comic, but one thing that wasn’t chronicled was that Errol was incredibly sick and didn’t let us know just HOW tired he was. We were on the highway and he was struggling not to fall asleep. It was scary.

14 Responses to Comic 599 – “Punchline”

  1. That was funny and impressive, however if that was me in the car I would have forgotten Errol ever starting that joke and figured he was quoting RENT lol. That’s usually why anyone ever Moo’s around me. XD

  2. Working on my camp Nono novel, my character just made a reference to the Nanomusical.

      • Character was talking in his journal about how a chisel has no backspace. Then wondered why he was thinking that was familiar, then he recalled and muttered about how the musical will be stuck in his head all week. 🙂

  3. Ok that was awesome. I’d totally forgotten about the joke (thanks for linking the lead up). IMatt is pleased 😛

  4. So… the first game I got my ipad for, the one that made me want one so badly, is gone. Mobage has killed the last remaining +network game that my family played. Rest in peace, We Rule, you will be missed.