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Comic Submission 600 – Tarina

Every 100 comics, I get readers to submit their own in. This year, I am separating them all into different posts! This comic is from Tarina! Poor Manpans. 😀

Tarina22-3-2013 Comic
By Tarina

Debs: Wow, that’s kind of creepy! Hehe! I love Errol’s freaky red eyes! 

11 Responses to Comic Submission 600 – Tarina

  1. This is going to probably haunt me but anyway great job Tarina! (By the way, did you make it so Errol is like a Lego figure?)

  2. *is grinning*
    I didn’t intend for the eyes to be red, just the combo of bad pencil and scanning made them that way… *laughs*