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Comic Submission 600 – Tarina

Every 100 comics, I get readers to submit their own in. This year, I am separating them all into different posts! This comic is from Tarina! Poor Manpans. 😀

Tarina22-3-2013 Comic
By Tarina

Debs: Wow, that’s kind of creepy! Hehe! I love Errol’s freaky red eyes! 

11 Responses to Comic Submission 600 – Tarina

  1. I’m still not sure how he did it but I think it maybe did involve paint fumes!

  2. This is going to probably haunt me but anyway great job Tarina! (By the way, did you make it so Errol is like a Lego figure?)

  3. *is grinning*
    I didn’t intend for the eyes to be red, just the combo of bad pencil and scanning made them that way… *laughs*