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Comic 603 – “Song Parts”


Errol: We have this discussion almost daily. This Monday I hope I can perform it!

Debs: “…I hope I can perform it!” Lesigh. It’s true though. I didn’t realize it but I am singing most of the songs on Monday.  Aw.

21 Responses to Comic 603 – “Song Parts”

  1. At least Debs hasn’t started looking into spoiler-laden guitar solos to add into BSG… Debs should know which piece of music I’m referring to.

  2. I don’t hate any animals, really. But I am terrified of bees. I am fine with them existing, somewhere far far away from me. Any insects with a stinger can go away.

    • My name means “bee” * scuffs feet * 😀 I’m a little scared of them but I think just because I’ve never been stung by one.

    • I hate earwigs, but it’s not irrational. See, I have a thing about spiders, though I’ve gotten a little better in recent years. Unless they’re really big or really close by. Anyway, earwigs are ugly, but don’t bother me, unless they startle me. Usually, I automatically think it’s a spider, and then when I see it’s just an earwig, it makes me mad, so it must die. See, not irrational at all.

  3. Many things… mostly insects but I currently wage war with frogs. They like to surround me, block the entryways to my house, climb into the door and trunk cracks of my car and wait (and sometimes die) there, and infiltrate my house. Stupid things should just stay in nature… far away from me.

  4. I hate flies. They pester me and then I have to trap them in the bathroom so my mom can kill them.

    There’s also bees, wasps, and the infamous spiders. *shudders*

  5. I’m glad I remembered to read the mouse over before reading the comments today. I’m a bit funny about things like spiders if they touch me, so I don’t like being in an enclosed space with them. I also hate moths.

    Settlers of Catan is a fun song 🙂

      • Mostly because they get attracted to light so I encounter them more than other insects. They also move unpredictably, and I don’t like the thought of them flying into me.

  6. I used to hate moths, but I can deal with them now. Spiders I don’t mind so long a they aren’t on me or on my stuff. My snake has a pet spider.

  7. I don’t like spiders or cockroaches (which unfortunately there are an abundance of). I also don’t like standing on stingrays. But I’m fine with most other things.

  8. I’m a little late to the comments, but only because I just got my computer up and running after moving, and I haven’t been on the internet since Thurs. morning. My big issue is spiders, though not terribly unique. The apartment we just moved out of had a street lamp right outside of our front door, and because of the smorgasbord of insects it drew, spiders set up webs all over our front outside wall. Like, a spider every few inches, no exaggeration, over the entire front of our apartment. So in the warm months, when I need to go through the door past dusk, I have to go under hundreds of spiders (some of which were in the corners of the doorway itself). It was miserable. I would often let someone else open the door, then wait for clearance, and run through the doorway. I know the spiders aren’t terribly likely to fall onto my head as I’m running through…I know I’m mostly being irrational. But I don’t care. Just one of many reasons I’m glad to have left that apartment behind.

    I may have just rambled on aimlessly…forgive me, I’m about to pass out from exhaustion.

    • do you live near a river or anything kristi? We have terrible spiders at our cottage since it’s next to the river and there’s also a multitude of insects. Never really had that problem in Toronto though.

      • Not right next to, but there is a river within a mile. I figured it was just the insects drawn to the light that drew the spiders. I’m hoping our new house will be completely spider free. And until I see one, I will keep that dream.