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Comic 605 – “You Guys Are Great!”


Errol: Hey guys, truth be told, calling people who listen to us ‘fans’ is uncomfortable to us. I don’t mind calling Debs’s boys “Debs Fans” because… well… she has a lot of them.

Debs: …oO

However, after Monday night’s show, I really just want to scream out I totally love our fanbase. You guys are wonderful, you guys are nice,  you guys are inclusive, you guys are fun, you guys are just amazing. (And being inclusive is very important to me. There’s a story there that you should ask Manpans about.)

Seeing the crowd, all packed in to the two small rooms, on crazy uncomfortable stools, some people holding umbrellas as the rain leaked through the roof, joining in as we sing our songs, laughing along with us and Nerds With Guitars, honestly warms my heart.

You guys are amazing.

My sister had a great time. She loved it. She was so glad she could be there. And she and Manpans scoured the city for those lootbags (and Leezet funded them too). I’m so glad she had a good time.

I think I knew most of the people there. And those I didn’t know, I was glad to meet. To those of you who joined us, thank you so much. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you so much for laughing with us. Or at us. Or me… all awesome.

Debs: I’m sneaking onto this post though I’m supposed to be MIA out of town until tomorrow. Like Errol said on another post somewhere, it’s hard to express how grateful and lucky we feel without it sounding crazy contrived and overly gushy…because the feelings are just that big! I’m not even kidding when I say that the awesome made me cry.

Errol: Everything makes Debs cry…

Last night was completely surreal for me. The fact that we are surrounded by so many people who love and support us (…and know the words!?!?)  is…I don’t even know how to finish that sentence. It’s better than all the double rainbows in the world, way cooler than BSG will ever be. I would say that it even trumps Totoro. It was a gift to see each and every one of you there. Thank you.

And thank you too those who were there in spirit. You know who you are. One Day We’ll Meet for Real. <3

Errol: There are two other things I will talk about.

  • One is our indiegogo campaign. If you are interested in helping there, please take a look.
  • I will have a birthday. I hope to have the geekiest night of concerts ever on May 31st, a Friday night.
    And because you guys are always so supportive, I will try and make sure that there is no cover (or at least $1 cover so that we can apply for a micro-grant.) Please keep that date (or June 1st) free. I want to see if I can get four hours of geeky entertainment. I do not want presents, I just want people. Show up, bring friends, laugh and sing.

And maybe by then, I’ll get the stupid “How to Play Catan” song correct this time.

Thanks guys. You are awesome.

Debs: The awesomest.

39 Responses to Comic 605 – “You Guys Are Great!”

  1. I’ll be attending in spirit again- but I already have ideas with regards to the birthday (and I’ll let people know what they are closer to the time)

  2. I’ll most likely be there in spirit again also. XD I have about a million and one obstacles with going to the birthday, but I’m trying to figure out a way to do it. The main one (besides money) is that it’s right before my birthday also and my parents will want to do stuff with me. Not to mention the two other trips that are planned for this summer. I’m working on it though…. slowly.

  3. I’ll be at the birthday. And yes, the concert was awesome. The vibe was that of a tiny Jonathan Coulton concert (people tend to sing along to his songs too…and, of course, two JC songs were performed). The storm added some atmosphere. Sunny and I probably annoyed the heck out of half the audience with our bubbles, but we didn’t care.

  4. Sometimes I think, you know, Toronto is only 7-8 hours away, it’s doable. But I suppose the distance isn’t the only issue. I so wish I could have been at the concert, and I’d love to come to the birthday bash! Maybe someday I’ll make it to an event. Until then, I’ll settle for being there in spirit too.

    • Yeah same here since it’s 5-6 hours away. 7-8 is my upper edge for doable on a 3 day weekend. So 5-6 is still work, but worth it for the right destination…

      The problem is, if I went alone I think my family would kill me. But then the price of 5 additional passports is up there… fortunately mine is still good. Even if we got the young ones cards (by land only) rather than books (land/air) that’s $40 + 40 + 40 + 55 + 110 = $285 in just passport cards/books.

      Hey if this is May 31, that means there’s also a concert the next day on June 1 right? 🙂

      • I, too, would have trouble getting away alone. And I forgot about the new passport rules, since I haven’t been to Canada since I was a teenager. Though I did read that children under 16, as long as they’re not flying, can get through with their birth certificate. All the same, a trip to Canada is not likely in my near future.

  5. OH! Favourite comic! I have lots! I’m a little partial to Comic 215…that’s my biased one :D. Mostly cause the memory is pretty accurate.

  6. I tried to use my birthday (June 1st) as leverage to get a road trip to Canada to see the concert. My folks weren’t going for it. There are a lot of birthdays in this group all together coming up. Poor master plotter, MP.

  7. I’ll show up in here. *points to heart*
    (btw Debs and Errol you know my dilema with June 1st.)

    Um… is it just me or is your site kind of broken?

    • Yeah the site’s needs were warring with another set sites on the server. So I had to do a bit of wrangling to get both everything to play nice. is now on another server and everything is happy again.

  8. I’ve been waiting all day to get long enough on my computer to glance through the comic titles again, but there are so many, it’s hard to pick out favorites! Some that jump out while perusing are 219-221(Ja-Mez, Debs, and Manda hiding out on the floor), 365 (formation of WE Tangent), and pretty much anything about the musical.

      • The really crazy question is do YOU have a favorite comic/story arc? I’m sure it’s similar to asking about your favorite child, but you must have some that you really enjoyed. And while I’m at it, who’s your favorite child? 😀

  9. Dear Errol – Another of your songs has now worked its way into my story. As mos of my story thus far is set at the dawn of time, this is somewhat anachronistic. X.X

      • It’s posted and you have the link. :: Would smile devilishly but smiling hurts:: Actually it was Need More Words.

      • And yet it has been on the shortlist of songs I listen to during NaNo since I first found it- though others feature more prominently…

      • This is true. I have you, I have All Caps, I have the 1667 words, and I have nanowrimo university. Lol. But I have some non-nano debs and Errol and Errol and Manda stuff.