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Comic 615 – “The Tradition”

Errol: I’m… so tired. But I got the comic out. I hope Manpans does a blog post.

Manda: Poor tired Errol. I’m also very tired. How I got through the podcast last night is a miracle.

15 Responses to Comic 615 – “The Tradition”

  1. Can’t say we really do road-trips as a family, we tend to use rail for longer-distance travel- which does rather curtail most shenanigans because of all the other people around…

    • Do you ever do train trips that span a couple of days? I’ve romanticized rail travel, I think it’d be awesome to go on a week long rail trip…

      • Nope, the UK is small enough that you’d need to go end to end to have any trip taking longer than a single day (unless you take the slowest trains possible or take massive detours on route)

        Even the time I went to Germany by rail took less than a day.

  2. Our most awesome trip was with the whole family as all six of us drove across the country to California. Our kids were awesome they didn’t even have one fight the whole trip out.. I’m still a shocked & proud dad… We got to see the amazing grand Canyon, the high Mojave desert and the sobering destruction that hit Joplin Missouri.

  3. BTW I used the delayed cow joke at our Junior High Rally this weekend.. Thanks for the material

  4. My road trip across Vancouver Island was pretty epic. There were random hiking trails, quaint hostels, whales, hot springs, museums…it was amazing.

  5. I don’t know if I’ve ever been on a ‘road trip’ with my family…? Only the usual take buses to another town for a particular purpose… does that count?
    hang on, I remember one time. When I was young we wanted to go ‘to the snow’ so we got in the car, I can’t even remember where we went, but when we got there our car started sliding off a mountain so we went home. lol! That was so long ago though I don’t even remember the car trip.

  6. I generally hate cars, and hate riding in them, but there were a few I really enjoyed, identical in what I enjoyed and what I remembered. Driving to Otakon with Jez, the music blasting, singing our lungs out. Every time she was my ride to the con I had to skip karaoke because I had no voice. When I was a kid we used to take annual road trips in my family, but it was the destination I enjoyed. The only time we went that I wasn’t crowded in for the whole 3 hours was when dad and I came up later because I had an exam, so I got to sit in front and discuss mountains and geology.

    • She lies! Lore hates getting in the car with me cause I have horrible road rage and I was pissed off almost every trip to Otakon.

      I like road trips if I don’t have to drive. Most of our driving trips weren’t that interesting though since my parents drove and I just listened to music in the back seat. XD

      • If we pumped the music and I didn’t look at the speedometer, I was fine. You only really road raged ONCE en-route to Otakon. You’ve road raged plenty OTHER times I’ve been in your car, however. Usually on local roads.

  7. When I was growing up, my family went camping every summer. The most memorable road trips I’ve ever taken were the couple of summers where we drove farther than within our own state or the next state over. One year, we drove to Arizona (I’m from Indiana), stopping every night at a different camp ground along the way. We went through Oklahoma during the middle of the day on that trip, and it’s probably one of the more distinctive memories, because we were in a van with no air conditioning (and if I remember right, it had an issue with the heat from the engine coming up through the floor anyway), and Oklahoma is a hot place in the middle of the summer, so the van got HOT. The middle windows on the van didn’t open, just the front and back ones. I’m not sure I can say it’s the hottest I’ve ever been, but with no real chance for relief for hours at a time, it was not a pleasant time. My parents planned the trip back to go through Oklahoma in the evening.

    There were other long trips, like on to the east coast, and places in the area, and actually a previous trip out to Arizona in a similar fashion (we had family in AZ), but I remember the later one most, because of the heat of Oklahoma. And because my parents tried to at least go into a few extra states that weren’t too far out of the way, so we could say we’d been to more states.

    The longest road trip I’ve done in my adult life was 4 hours down south to Cincinnati, a trip I’ve made at least 3 times. Not terribly lengthy, and always a 1-day trip, though they’ve all been memorable in their own ways (for one of them, I was sick the whole day, so the car ride both ways was pretty miserable).