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Comic 616 – “Car Snacks”


Errol: Who remembers Sid Meiers game Colonization? Who remembers when it was being developed there was a big bru-ha-ha about whether or not to include slaves in the game. In the end, they settled on indentured servants. Remember that? I do.

Manda: Yup, this happened too. I actually feel bad…I never did peel that orange…my guilt knows no bounds. I’m pretty sure my new purpose in life is to be a D&E roadie now. So long as I get wings, I’m okay with this.

Debs: * Laughs * “Indentured servant” wasn’t his exact wording 😀

25 Responses to Comic 616 – “Car Snacks”

  1. I’m actually pretty good at directions and figuring out where to go. In the pre-GPS days when I was driving somewhere I looked up the directions on several map sites, compared and printed them so by the time we left I had a good idea on where to go and how to get there. I have a GPS now which makes things much easier though in some cases I already know better ways to go than what the GPS tells me.

    I’m not good at giving directions though since when I’m familiar with a route I know it by feel and landmarks mainly. I have no clue on street names or anything like that. Sometimes I know exit names but never the numbers.

    • Then you should drive with us. Niether Manpans nor Debs is comfortable driving.

      And I despise driving… it puts me to sleep.

      • Errol: “Pans, are you comfortable driving?”

        Manpans: “Not at ALL! I HATE driving! I HATE driving other people’s cars. I’m worried about insurance. I’m worried about crashing. I’m worried about EVERYTHING.”

        Errol: Understood.

        Manpans: Seriously, if you need me to drive, just ask.

        Errol: Right.

      • Well…toronto…if it was small town highways, I’d be golden.

        But also, insist more! Especially when the reason you want us to drive is because you’re so sick you’re falling asleep at the wheel! Because now I feel bad.

      • City traffic is never fun to drive through. I would hate that too, but I would do it if unavoidable (especially since some cities are designed more confusing than others). I tend to prefer highways. Though again… road rage, so I wouldn’t be the most pleasant driver to have. XD

        I rarely drove places with other drivers so I’m used to being the only one, so being able to trade off for a bit might be nice. 🙂

      • I’d say it depends on the city as to how bad the driving is- especially here in the UK because some of our cities are really tiny by comparison with towns and other metropolitan boroughs…

        Silly city status as a mark of prestige rather than having any indication of the local population. (To put this all into perspective, I live in a town whose population is greater than the cumulative populations of the smallest 19 cities in England and Wales- I did the math)

      • I was thinking more the major cities, since that’s where most of my experience is. I don’t think I’ve come across a major city that’s I enjoy driving through.. ever. Smaller cities/towns are generally easier to get around.

        Oh I loathe the roundabouts over there (not sure if they are in every country but I know they were in Italy and England). They are confusing as heck. I didn’t drive when were there last fall though since I can’t drive a stick shift, but I was the one who had to keep an eye on the GPS so we knew actually what exit we need to take on the roundabouts. Nerve wracking.

      • You might not get on well with Milton Keynes then- we have roundabouts literally everywhere, though most of ours are pretty straightforward, especially on the local grid roads. But when you get cities with as few as 1,797 people (St. Davids in Wales) the term city becomes meaningless as a reflection of population size by comparison with towns of 248,800 people.

      • I don’t mind the small roundabouts, but I failed my first driving test because I got confused at a big roundabout so I don’t like those much.
        At the moment the biggest city I’ve driven in is Oxford. Apart from avoiding the cyclists (and some of the big roundabouts) I don’t mind driving there, but I don’t think I’d like driving in bigger cities.

      • I don’t drive, so the car terror for me in England was trying to cross the street. My instincts for which way to look when were all scrambled, the intersections were unusual, and drivers over there seem to ignore lanes in order to get a spot. I’m used to looking at how cars are parked to know the directions of traffic. I spent a lot of time paranoid. But then, I’m terrified of cars to begin with, so can’t blame it all on London.

      • Crossing streets is one area that Milton Keynes does well, we have a lot of bridges and underpasses, particularly on the main roads so that you aren’t generally trying to cross a major traffic flow on the level- it keeps everything going that bit more smoothly…

      • I don’t like London. The only time I felt happy walking through it was on the way back from a theatre performance when there was nobody except my group and a few other theatregoers around, and hardly any cars. In the day, there are too many people and too many cars. But that’s probably just my inner country girl coming through. Until I moved to the city for uni, I lived in the same village my whole life, and the biggest place I went regularly was the local town.

  2. What was his exact wording in place of indentured servant Debs? Or is it not suitable for the comic?

  3. I don’t rely on any one for directions because people stopped letting me go anywhere alone if there was the slightest chance I might get lost. Except Disney. I always get lost there, no matter how often I go. For that, I call Jez, usually, but that’s because if I’m alone and trying to get somewhere specific, it’s usually because I am going to meet her. x.x

    But in High School once mom gave me directions to a fish store she wanted me to stop in to buy a filter for her tank. 5 blocks away from my school, straight line in one direction. I called her up from a payphone when I finally gave up, told her where I was, in tears because I hadn’t found it yet, and it felt like it had to be at least five blocks by now. The answer? She said three blocks, I had walked about two and a half miles and was in what was, apparently, a very bad neighborhood. :: sigh:: She never asked me to go to that store again, though she did make a point of driving past it CONSTANTLY thereafter.

      • I only get that because of Larp. Despite liking a lot of Takahashi-san’s other work (the Mermaid saga is creepy but awesome…), I cannot stand Ranma 1/2. Did give it an honest shot, hated it.

        Here is where I am mean to Jez:

        I do love the theme song, however.

        It will now be stuck in her head all day.

      • I have no issue with the gender bender aspect, though I know some people might. For me it is the stupidity. If the stupid ponds changed people, why were they left open? Sounds to me like they should have been closed, people should not have been allowed to play there…