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Comic 618 – “Slumber Party”


Errol: I like Sue. 😀 Poor girl, I was extra excited that night.

Debs: I’m glad you like her. She is my friend and she is awesome! But her eyes are not brown and her hair isn’t red anymore. Yay, I’m glad she’s back in the comic! 🙂

Manda: Sue is super awesome! I was very happy to get to know her, despite what the comic indicates :P.

26 Responses to Comic 618 – “Slumber Party”

  1. I never really did the whole slumber party thing, at least… not well. I do the extended visit thing where I stay over for like… weeks. does that count?

  2. My friends and I would have slumber parties a lot. We’d always watch X-files, play board games and mix several different types of soda together..come to think of it, it’s high time I had another slumber party.

  3. I never went or had many slumber parties, maybe one or two. I remember having at least one at my house which was.. ok. We watched movies to my recollection. The one I went to in high school was… horrid. Too much went on and I wasn’t social enough to really appreciate or roll with what was happening. Though that could sum up high school in general for me. XD

    I’ve had plenty of sleepovers though, with one friend over at a time. Those always went well and were fun. 🙂

    And then there’s Lores’ staying for weeks thing. I’m pretty sure there was a period of time she was at my house more than her own, when we lived closer.

      • I have picture proof we were in the same kindergarten class despite neither of us remembering that, but I guess from 4th grade on would be the actual answer. Though K, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade were the only times we went to the same school.

      • Ah wait… we went to the same college for awhile before I moved. I was only there about… a year though.

      • Wow, so you’ve been friends since grade school? Wow.

        I don’t know if I’ve retained any friend from grade school. …

        Heck, I barely have kept friends I met in university. 😀

      • She’s the only one I keep in touch with. I don’t talk to anyone else from my grade school/high school time. I keep in touch with one person from college. Well actually they keep in touch with me. I’m horrible (like REALLY horrible-don’t do it at all) at contacting people so the friends I’ve kept are the ones that were persistent in contacting me. XD

      • I don’t contact people either. I’m quite happy to chat with them if they contact me, but unless I have something specific I need to tell them, I can’t think of a way to start the conversation, or something to suggest we go and do. I’m glad not all of my friends are like me in that respect or I’d never see them.

  4. I was never allowed to go to slumber parties as a kid (my parents were weird), so this one was super fun for me! And none of the neighbours complained about Errol’s… erm…. volume, so it was a double win! You guys are all welcome back anytime for more fun (and a DDR rematch?)

    Debs – my eyes are brown! Like coffee and chocolate 😀 Don’t worry – I made the same mistake a few months back… but it was on my husband Chris’ passport renewal form. That’s probably worse :S

  5. My most favourite sleepover ever was the time a bunch of high school friends and I marathoned all three LOTR extended edition movies 😀 I think we were well into university by then, but we were bouncing off the walls. It was a mixed sleep over, I believe, and I think that the three girls starting painting one guy’s nails? I have weird friends. It’s possible that actually never happened and that I was hallucinating. What I also remember for real is that there was pizza, and that my friend Shosh was so tired that she fell asleep at the end of ROTK, so she completely missed the ring being destroyed at the end.

    • That is epic and awesome. We had something like that in university too, we dressed up our guy friend in a dress…girls are weird in general i think.

  6. Never had a slumber party… never really had friends T_T
    Ah well, we had neighbours stay over when I was younger, and we watched TV about poisonous snakes, and probably played a bit of tag. But mostly slept, methinks. It was not really a party. The party was usually going on next door… and the kids might have been escaping. >.<

    • That sounds like a lot of fun though! My slumber parties usually were with my cousins. I had a lot of them, and we had fun. 😀

  7. When I was aged about 8-11 my best friend and her brother lived about 20m down a (very quiet) road from me and my brother, and in the summer we used to have sleepovers in a tent in her back garden, squeezing 4 of us horizontally in a 2 person tent. We used to pretend that their climbing frame was a ship and we were sailors, or just play on our bikes or tell each other stories.

    I had a few slightly more traditional slumber parties (though we never called them that) from 13-15 with my secondary school friends where we watched movies, played games and ate lots of junk food.

    • Well, I don’t think guys call them slumber parties either. *LAUGH*

      They would be over for gaming, and then we’d sit on the mattress and listen to sad 80’s music and be depressed we had no girlfriends.


      Ah… high school.