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Comic 617 – “No Comic Today”


Errol: Debs kept me up late last night.

Debs: Not my fault 🙂 We had three videos to do, and Errol wanted to start at 9:00pm so that he could have an evening with his daugthers. Though I guess me insisting we get food afterwards was my fault.

22 Responses to Comic 617 – “No Comic Today”

  1. You should have gotten offended when Manpans asks…that way she could feel guilty about your frustration.

    • Not sure if I hated that or loved it…. x.x

      So, is that the second geek and sundry video posted here this week?

    • That was awesome! I’ll have to do my Whitless Letter to my nintendo Wii. I actually wrote it last year for our video game play :D.

      • Do you take requests for the Whitless letters? And do you ever do any for android/iOS? Or system only?