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Comic Submission 600 – Lore Hera

Every 100 comics, I get readers to submit their own in. This year, I am separating them all into different posts! This comic is from our very own Lore Hera. It’s like she knows my personality so well… Except I almost look angry!

Manda: Yeah…that’s you.


Debs: Seriously. Wow.

13 Responses to Comic Submission 600 – Lore Hera

  1. I love it!

    Good job Lore! YAY Worf and Data! Actually that could be Barclay 😛

    • Yeah, Data was really hard to do for some reason. I had a lot of trouble with him. Almost gave in and just made him Geordi, but I got stubborn. I’m mostly just wondering now if anyone knows who Smash Ogre is.

      • OH!!!! That’s OLD SCHOOL! From Xanth?!?! I’ve not read a Xanth novel in AGES… I’m not sure if I ever read that one or not..

      • Yep! Read those novels the first time in High school, and they both impressed my English teacher, and got me into trouble. Every so often I reread and try to catch the newest ones, so I’m rereading now, just finished Ogre Ogre as I was writing the comic, just finished Night Mare last night, and am whomping along through Dragon On A Pedestal which is one of my two favorites.

      • Oh! I actually have a book that I somehow wound up with, that is three of the Xanth novels “Spell for Chameleon”, “The Source of Magic” and “Castle Roogna”. I didn’t realize that there were a whole bunch of other ones, but it looks like these are the first three! It’s a huge book but maybe it should be one I take traveling. Are they quick reads or slow?

      • Very quick. I do a book in a day and a half when I am reading it casually, and a book and a half in a day when I get time to just sit and read. They are a lot of fun, but the puns might make your head hurt. Let me know when you read hem, I love having more Xanthians to talk to.

      • With nothing else to do I could probably manage at least two Xanth novels in a day- but then again I’ve managed the entire Lord of the Rings (minus appendices) in a day before now.

  2. Fantastic!! Very funny! Recognized Worf and Data IMMEDIATELY! Just surprised she said that she smelled something odd, not something Ood….