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Comic Submission 600 – Meli

Every 100 comics, I get readers to submit their own in. This year, I am separating them all into different posts! This comic is from our very own Meli! So sorry that it’s pixelated!

(Brian: De-pixelated! )

Meie's Comic
by Meli

Debs: Ooo, I like it! It’s kind of like “Where’s Waldo”!

11 Responses to Comic Submission 600 – Meli

  1. I assume Leezet will get to make more normal comic appearances while she’s in Toronto (or at least the way Errol normally handles her being present in comics)

  2. Agh sorry about the pixellation. I have a lack of paint software on my Mac, so I had to do this in Word. Ugh. I’ll make it *hopefully* not pixellated next time.

    • Wow, you did that in word? That sounds so complicated! I don’t have paint software on my Mac either so I actually googled MS Paint online version and found something through that where you could draw and then download the drawing to your computer. That’s how I did that painty-video actually 🙂

  3. It’s a easy fix! I hope you don’t mind… I can restore the original if you like 🙂

  4. Now we need a “Where’s Waldo” D&E book! But we can’t be hunting for Leezet, most people have no clue what she looks like. :: pokes Errol::