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Comic 636 – “Communication Error”


Errol: Debs and I haven’t argued that much in a while, actually. Maybe it’s because she’s gone. 😀 Poor Debs, this is a good way for her to recharge.
Whitless: Listening to this argument was pretty fun, actually. Most of it was just the shock that they had been announced as guests so quickly. Debs kept insisting Errol said yes, Errol kept insisting he said wait. Good time to be a fly on the wall for that one.

3 Responses to Comic 636 – “Communication Error”

  1. I hope you both really enjoy Orycon! This will be my 11th year attending, and I’ve always found it a lot of fun. If you’re interested in what to expect,, has the links to a bunch of previous Orycons – along with the event schedules.