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Comic 635 – “Public Announcement”


Errol: This took me completely by surprise. I was NOT expecting this at all when I was listening to Cecilia’s speech. I hope the pictures that were taken did not have my face look as dumbfounded as I thought it did!

It was totally amazing though! I’m still super excited to go!

Debs: Yeah, I was definitely wasn’t expecting it and the sudden attention was all “bwah?!” I mean, it was her Filk Hall of Fame speech! She deserved all the clappy time! 😀 I’m kind of glad we haven’t seen any pictures of this yet.
Whitless: This was awesome. Not just because Debs and Errol got a gig,but because the look on Errol’s face was one I will never forget. First there was shocked, then embarassed, then BASHFUL AND SHY! It was a glorious thing to witness.

3 Responses to Comic 635 – “Public Announcement”

  1. Well, if you hadn’t been distracting people with the secret of the banquet tickets, then maybe Debs would have given you the little “guest of honour” detail…

    • Nah… she just forgot to tell me. 😀 (Actually, the real timeline of secret banquet ticket happened the night before. I just forgot to put it in.)