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Comic 638 – “Campaigns”


Errol: I decided to bring the FKO con comics to a close so that I can talk about our Filk thing at Anime North as well as bring up our indiegogo campaign again! Good grief. And Debs is in Montreal, if you didn’t know that.
Whitless: Errol is so very good at promoting other people. He is good at pestering me to promote myself more. But when it comes to actually promoting HIS fundraisers? You barely hear a thing. Everyday I ask how the campaign is going. And everyday it’s the same response “I dunno.” Over halfway there luckily :D.
Debs: Hmm..I think we’re still a bit away from half way.

5 Responses to Comic 638 – “Campaigns”

  1. Over halfway? I make it $1,629 out of $3,300, so just under halfway… I’m just waiting for my paycheck to come through before donating… I would have done it earlier, but I didn’t want to spend the same money twice…

    • * Nods * Still under 😀 And I do hate promoting, but I’ve been pretty good at emailing people who’ve donated to thank them while at the same time apologizing for the brevity that comes from doing it over the phone. MP, it took me a while to decipher what you meant, but now I get it!

  2. You should be promoting that more. XD I try to help but very few people follow me that A) would like geek music or B) the ones that would are already fans lol.