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Comic 639 – “Ghibli Panel”


Errol: We have an indiegogo campaign you can find on the right sidebar. Ok. I promoted.


Originally, I asked to do a Miyazaki panel and I heard it was all full. ALL FULL! But then Fingers wrote me and told me there was a free spot and I immediately snagged it. Did I check if it conflicted with other panels I was helping to lead? No. I am just so excited. I wonder if I have to do research. I wonder if I have to meet the other panelists ahead of time. I don’t know! So exciting! HUZZAH!

Whitless: I’m pretty sure you have all research covered, and exciting! This conversation didn’t happen but it’s portentous in that it’s probably going to.

9 Responses to Comic 639 – “Ghibli Panel”

  1. Woo! That’s exciting Errol! 🙂 Though you may want to promote the campaign to more people than the ones who already read the comic XD.

    And… I don’t think I get crazy excited about things. Maybe semi-crazy excited at fangirly things, though even then that’s usually just to myself and/or with the few friends I see at cons.

  2. I’m not that exciteable about things myself- all my excitement, or at least most of it, tends to be internalised.

  3. I have to admit that I get a wee bit crazy-excited over quite a few things. Like conventions. Once it gets anywhere near a convention I have planned, I start to go into major planning mode and squeeing over the stuff I’ll get to do. For the last couple days, I’ve also been *bounce bouncing* over finding the perfect additions to my steampunk costume. Which still connects to cons… but I’m sure I’ll find other places to where the costume – there are so many uses for steampunk. At least when you have the habit of not caring if random people stare at you when you walk into a grocery store with goggles on your hat.

    I also get disproportionately excited over books or certain genre tv shows. Superhero movies. Gaming sessions. Characters in my head doing things I never expected. Music – mainly filk. I guess I spend a lot of time reveling in geeker-joy. I’m lucky I have supportive friends and family.

    Or maybe they’ve just learned to adapt.

      • I might have noticed 🙂 That’s one reason I find your comic so hilarious – I’ve received some of the same reactions on the faces of those near and dear to me as Comic Errol.