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Comic 641 – “Anime Uke Jam”


Errol: Hmmm, I was going to make this about the Indiegogo Campaign, but then I had this conversation with Kari about Anime North! Wow, it’s this Saturday. Time goes by so quick.
Debs: * Laughs * Anything not to talk about Indiegogo, yeah? Kari and I talked about Anime North while we were attempting to get into Book of MormonΒ and the conversation was basically, “I don’t know any anime songs. Do you?” “Nope!”

27 Responses to Comic 641 – “Anime Uke Jam”

  1. I know a good few songs from anime- unfortunately most of them are in Japanese (or in the case of the stuff from Ghost in the Shell in something else)

    • Ah.. yeah. I was going to suggest some songs also but then I read MP’s comment and was reminded of the Japanese thing. It didn’t actually occur to me that all the songs I know were in another language. XD YouTube might be helpful in finding English ones though.

      On another note this summer at Otakon the Sunday concert is going to be Yoko Kanno. She’s done a bunch of the Stand Alone songs along with a bunch of other animes (Escaflowne, Cowboy Bepop, MACROSS). T.M Revolution is the Saturday concert. I’ve never actually made it to a concert but maybe we’ll try again this year. Lore likes T.M if I remember correctly. πŸ™‚

      • Yoko Kanno is excellent most of the time, at least out of all the stuff of hers I’ve heard…

        I suppose you could cover “Fly me to the moon” because that was the end credits song for Evangelion (I think it was Evangelion at any rate)

  2. I suppose you could also try the theme from Star Blazers if you wanted a cover- though it’d be better if Errol was singing that one:

  3. I’m wondering whether we should just leave out the practicalities for the moment and just post songs we’ve enjoyed from anime- that way D&E can make the call themselves as to whether any of these are practical… After all, the Neon Genesis Evangelion version of Fly me to the Moon was a little painful to listen to…

    • Yeah that wasn’t my favorite version. If I must listen to that song I prefer the Frank Sinatra version personally.

      There’s some good video game music also which at most conventions goes hand in hand with the anime stuff and that’s easier to find in English.

      • Hack! I know Hack//Sign (older anime but good) at least has one or two English songs. Key of Twilight would have to be my favorite. Hack music is mainly instrumental though.

        Looking through my stuff the songs I have from Stand Alone are actually in English, since I haven’t seen the series not sure if that’s just an English version or the original.

  4. Thinking about it, the songs I have from Stand Alone Complex are: Inner Universe (which is difficult to place a language to), Rise (english in parts, confusing in others) and Lithium Flower (all English)- Lithium Flower is probably the easiest

    • I have all three of those plus Living Inside the Shell which is also in English. And yeah Inner Universe and Rise are… complicated. XD

      There’s also Kingdom Hearts: Simple and Clean (from the first game), and Sanctuary (from the second). Those are the English versions and should be easy to find. Oh the only thing is there is a backwards part in Sanctuary so that’s not doable most likely. And I think I’m just going off on tangents now about songs I like lol. I’m stopping myself from naming every song I have. XD

      • I know what you mean about trying not to name every song I have- because otherwise I’d be going through entire soundtrack albums as well as naming stuff I’m aware of but don’t have- and most of it would be Japanese and thus not relevant to the matter at hand. We could always create a forum thread for it and really overwhelm them with vast amounts of anime music…

      • That would be fun.. if just to spam everyone else with all the anime (and K-pop cause I would include that to) music I have and like and want to own. πŸ™‚

  5. Actually, I like the idea of doing “Fly Me to the Moon.” We even have access to a pre-made PowerPoint version with chords (via the Corktown Ukulele Jambook); if you guys want to see it, you can check it out here:

    Just scroll down the list and click on the title (I can’t link to it directly because it’s a PP file). There are a bunch of other good songs there too. I shall contact Debs directly.

  6. I was given a few choices on twitter as well for Debs and I to cover.

    I have a parody of “Fly me to the Moon” called “Buy Me Harvest Moon”

    And someone suggested “Moon on the Water”, which is closer to our style anyway. πŸ˜€

    What’s with all the MOONS?

  7. I think the two of you will rock Moon on the Water just fine ^_^ and I gotta admit, with ‘Anime’ in the title of the comic I at first parsed ‘uke’ as the Japanese slang term for submissive rather than as the short-form of ukulele. ^_^;;

    • Oh! I didn’t see that at first since I’m used to reading about ukulele’s here but yeah.. that gives a very different meaning to that title. XD *laughs* That will amuse me for awhile now.

    • We practiced “Moon on the Water” (or is it called “Full Moon Sway”?) and we loves it! I’m trying to understand a bit more of the background on it and failing – little help, Cin? If I want to watch some Beck before Saturday, where should I start?

      • Well I pointed you towards the series over Twitter but for context it’s the story of a high school boy who’s drifting, demonstrating no particular aptitudes and having no particular drives until he stumbles on to the music scene and finds his life transformed. Through music, and the formation of a band the protagonist finds a new way of living his life that drifts away from the traditionally depicted Japanese high school experience. The series gets a bit slow towards the end but overall I enjoy it.

        Edit: And it’s called ‘Moon on the Water’ despite the fact the lyrics never actually say ‘Moon on the Water’.

  8. Is this con on the conventions list in the wiki? What about the birthday party getting in the shows list? Someone should go back over the recent posts and make sure all the ones mentioned have been added πŸ™‚

      • I haven’t put Anime North and Errol’s birthday in yet – but other than that we’re up to date – except that most of the shows are still only that little info box on the right πŸ™‚

  9. “the conversation was basically, β€œI don’t know any anime songs. Do you?” β€œNope!””


    “I wish Totoro was my neighbor”….

    • I remember an earlier conversation on Facebook- Totoro was considered to be a given, I think they were looking for additional songs to make a set from…