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Comic 640 – “Monologue”


Errol: Long comic is long. 😀 And here is our Indiegogo Campaign! Huzzah!

You’ll need to click the comic to see it in a larger form. Unless… it just shows up large on your mobile device.  I have no idea, actually.

Brian: Or just click here and click on the picture to zoom in if you need to. 🙂
Debs: I had to look up “TL;DR” ! Whoa, this is a long comic. For those who don’t hang out on our Facebook page, Mercenary Pen‘s speech in the second panel were his exact words yesterday. And you know what? It’s pretty awesome that he cares as much as he does, and that others do as well.

I haven’t been the most amazing at promoting it either. Like Errol, I find asking for money equally awkward and uncomfortable. That’s an interesting thing, considering that I love being given the opportunity of supporting things I love. That discomfort is something to explore for sure, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! 🙂 I’m back in Toronto now so I’ll actually be able to read and comment back for once!

Whitless: WOW! MONOLOGUE MUCH?! Yes, asking for money is hard :D. I actually wrote a blog on this yesterday too! Check it out!

31 Responses to Comic 640 – “Monologue”

      • Now we just need to find a way to get you and Lore into the comic (though presumably Lore would use some method of being off-screen)

        As it is, I assumed Errol was going to use one of the usual tricks for corresponding at a distance even if he did stick me in the comic- I certainly wasn’t expecting an actual appearance.

      • You know how hard it is trying to make a comic form of a person when the photos are no sharper than a Bigfoot polaroid? ;D

      • I really need to find the install CD for the software for my digital camera- I ended up borrowing the camera on my sister’s old phone for the picture on my facebook profile, and that was a few years ago.

        In other news: funding is up to $1,829 and you’ve got two more shakers needing to be made.
        Edit: make that $1,859- someone must have donated while I was commenting

        In further other news, different gravatar- let the guessing of the anime character used commence (it shouldn’t be too difficult)

      • Heh.. I shall get in one day. 🙂 I think Lore wants to be in it (though don’t quote me on that) and she would most likely tell Errol to use one of her other avatars as a model.

        And yay new gravatar! Roy Mustang! Hot-headed Pony! XD

      • I’ve had it lying around since I had it for an Anime avatar theme week on my other forums a year or two back (its at least as old as my more usual avatar, possibly older because I think the artist had produced it for someone else previously)

        Its only on here that I don’t change avatars so much, I’ve got a fair few that I cycle between elsewhere.

  1. 1. Wow, I’m his sister and I don’t think I ever knew that about Errol; maybe I knew implicitly but not in that frame.
    2. Mercenary Pen is cute.

  2. For me, clicking on the comic does nothing, and I am unable to read it in its tiny form. I’m sure it’s very funny, though.

  3. Incidently, I’m onto the 3rd verse in the memorization of the Walkthrough song. Maybe I can get it done in time for Errol’s bday!

  4. I have an objection to my text in panel 4- it should say weird instead of foreign… I make a point of not blaming anything on difference in nationality.

      • “Foreign” made me laugh given the regional pride that often exists for British Comedy.

  5. Completely unrelated to the comic (more to Errol’s tweet about AT-ATs) but I saw Stars Wars V for the first time yesterday and was singing ‘AT-ATs in the snow’ in my head the whole time they were on screen. It wasn’t until halfway through that I realised why you sing about them being in the snow. I should probably have noticed that one a little earlier…