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Comic 645 – “Indiegogo Stats”


Errol: More comics on our indiegogo campaign. I’m hoping I remember all the events from Anime North for next week. I should write them down or something…
Debs: Yeah…I have no idea how it knows how many referrals you’re making. I don’t think I’m logged in when I make them.
Brian: If you log into indiegogo, it will change the share link from this:
to something like this: (that’s mine).
So you can use your new link, from then on, when sharing the campaign and indiegogo will know that the people who clicked on it were influenced by you.

9 Responses to Comic 645 – “Indiegogo Stats”

  1. Debs, I wasn’t logged in either for most of the time I referred so that puzzled me as well. I just figured it could track it either through my isp (since I’m always at the same computer), or through the code itself that you post for referrals. I’m probably wrong. You could always just say it’s magic computer stuff lol. XD

    • Clarke’s law has been successfully invoked. I’ll be making my own donation shortly, now that I have money.

  2. This month turned out a lot more expensive than I’d planned, but I should be able to make my donation at the beginning of next month. I also still need to get your first CD 😀

  3. You should also make another announcement video on your YouTube Channel too. Those subscribers may not check the site. So it’s been about 45 days since anything was mentioned there about it. That’s another several hundred potential donors to remind!