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Comic 646 – “Uncertain”


Errol: It’s true. I have full confidence Debs will do fine. I know she hates recording and all though, poor Debs.

Anyway, she’s currently at Devin’s and they are going to be recording fiends.

Debs: It’s recording instrumentals that stress me out, because I’m not good at them. Remember the AT-ATs fiasco when I recorded the uke but it was awful and we had to throw the whole thing away and get your friend Rob to do it? Oh my gosh, that was * really * hard. But nearly two years have passed since then and I’m fairly confident that I have improved…somewhat! And look, I made a plan!!
Plan ALL the things!
Plan ALL the things!
Errol: 1) Poor Debs has a hard time with the ‘blurb’ tag.
2) I’m so glad Debs is not my manager. Imagine the meetings and documentation she would demand…

3 Responses to Comic 646 – “Uncertain”

  1. How many plans are there? I saw a different one on FB earlier. XD

    And… the only way I would catch title repeats is if I saw them all in a list. I tend to not register titles. Even in TV shows I don’t know what most of them are… which can lead to some confusing conversation at times. 🙂

  2. Does this mean you were uncertain whether you used the title “uncertain” before?