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Comic 648 – “BDay Present”


Errol: This conversation happened. Oh ya.
Debs: Okay, I’ve got to admit, it was an awesome comeback.

3 Responses to Comic 648 – “BDay Present”

  1. Woo party tonight! I shall do…. something (once I think of it)… at the same time to celebrate! lol

    Post pics of Totoro and tell people that Totoro wants them to donate to the Debs & Errol indiegogo. XD Or post one of your YouTube parody performances so people can see what you’re aiming for and then promote the indiegogo.

  2. Have a great time tonight! I expect I’ll be asleep when the party starts (1.30am for me) so if my subconsciousness cooperates I’ll be there in my dreams.

  3. Hope the concert went wonderfully.

    In case anyone wanted my update – my old lapt op runs the following programs: final cut, filezillia, warcraft(kinda), sims, and sometimes my word processor. It wont run my virus scanner, any web browser, and finder. Anyone who has a mac can probably guess how frustrating it can be having finder not work. Bought a new laptop. Windows. Blue screen of death a half dozen times in the first two hours. They’re sending me a new set of windows boot disks. Until then, i have a very heavy paperweight. I guess DarkCatan was an inauspcious name for a lap top. It’s been a day and a half, and as I only had like… Two hours sleep, i am eager to finish dinner (4am) and crash, because we have to get stuff together for what was supposed to be a bunch of friends getting together to play games, and is now a full blown party… Le sigh. We’ll see if any of my guests show.