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Comic 647 – “Nefarious Song”


Errol: Look! Debs had an idea for a comic and was going to do it, but then she needed to do somed editing for the promo vid and thus gave the script to me. And then, I was all, “But why would I be mad? I’m not? Not even an iota. I don’t understand.” Of course, things like fidelity to truth has never been that much of an issue with me, but I want to reflect the general sense of our band. 😀

And… it wasn’t an issue for me. Are there things that Debs does that drive me crazy? Of course. This isn’t one of them. *LAUGH*

And now I have to figure out how to do my daily update on Facebook to promote the campaign. Do you know HOW HARD THAT IS?

Debs: Is one of the things that drive you crazy my lack of editing ability? LOOK, I EDITED A VID! Devin sent me the footage we got off his camera and then my brother helped me convert the ding to the other ding. Okay, the editing needs work, but do you know how dumb iMovie is as an interface? Awful! Plus, it’s really hard to anticipate what those transition dudes do, especially when your computer is all “I’m just going to keep freezing” I’m just impressed that I did the audio track doodadoo thing at the end. And made the credits look like Errol’s. LOOK, I EDITED A VID!


6 Responses to Comic 647 – “Nefarious Song”

  1. Nice job on the video Debs. That was quite a studio. Of course I’ve never seen nor been in a recording studio before so I have nothing to compare it to lol.

    And er.. like the titles I don’t really pay attention to the credit of the comics. It took awhile for me to even realize it changed at times. XD

    • Thanks Jez! And me too with the comics! I think that he had left the credits with me in them by default up to a certain point? Hehe. I should reread them.

  2. The last time Debs had a credit was Comic 606 – Role Reversal on the 11th of April. And in looking that up I accidentally pressed the button that takes you back to comic number 1 and read the first 45 or so again before remembering what I was supposed to be doing. My brain is rather revision addled at the moment…

    • Oh, and seeing the studio was interesting. I’ve never seen one before either.

      • Bwahahaha, I don’t even know how you looked that up 😀 Devin’s studio is comfy. It’s in his basement 🙂

      • I just clicked back through them all until I found one with you credited. I don’t know if there’s a way to actually look it up, but I was having an evening off after an exam and decided I had nothing better to do.
        That is a very cool thing to have in your basement 🙂