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Comic 653 – “Debs Leaves Again”


Errol: I try to follow every geek band there is out there on twitter. And one of them named BrightPrimate makes chiptunes. He mentioned Gnomoria and I asked if it was like Dwarf Fortress but with graphics. I felt compelled to buy it. *sigh* Yet another game that will probably totally addict me.

Oh, and I wrote a song for a small game developer last night. I will sing it, hopefully tonight, and send it to them!

Whitless: I was thinking we would workshop the webseries this summer. I think I may have to wait until next year now :P. Ah well, maybe I’ll play Myst again.

OH! ALSO! This weekend I’ll be in London, Ontario to see the London production of my play Headshots and Healing Potions! I can’t wait!

8 Responses to Comic 653 – “Debs Leaves Again”

  1. The last game that addicted me was Age of Empires. I got hooked on that and still love it– which is why I try really hard not to get addicted to anything else.

    But hey, it’s summer! No class! I can totally play games for two months.

  2. Indiegogo campaign is getting really close guys- we’re currently at $3,164 out of the $3,300 total- close enough that we can almost hear Errol’s enthusiasm (from here in the UK)

  3. Yay you made goal with time to spare! Congrats! *tosses Totoro confetti around* XD

  4. Hooray for goal reachage! Congratulations on the culmination of so much hard work 😀 *happy dance*

  5. OMG congrats on reaching your IndieGoGo goal! (And even more!) 😀 😀 Get the cake ready because it’s time for another party! 😀

    (oh… and have fun farming Debs)

    • Still a few more hours- and I make that an additional two totoro shakers purchased even after reaching their goal. Need to check how many shakers that makes overall…