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Comic 657 – “Linn’s Chair”


Errol: Monkeyman Productions are having an indiegogo campaign for their new play The Nefarious Bed & Breakfast!

Go check out their indiegogo campaign! Debs & Errol wrote a song for the play! Huzzah! It’s included as a perk!

Whitless: Linn is an awesome person. She is part of Monkeyman Productions and we’ve been having meetings at her place. I’m pretty new. Last meeting I sat in this fancy computer chair because it looked like the comfiest. Turns out this was her chair and a bit of a faux pas to sit in it. So this time around when I went for the chair again everyone collectively took in their breaths and warned me. The part about rearranging is only partly true, there was a cell phone next to the chair to indicate that someone would be sitting there. That didn’t stop me. Poor Lin. She just likes her chair :D. Just like I love my favourite mug. Like I said, she’s awesome.

9 Responses to Comic 657 – “Linn’s Chair”

  1. Quick question- is today an Errol mouseover day or a ‘Manda mouseover day?

  2. I always go for the big bean bag at our staff meetings. It sinks to the floor nicely so I can stay below everyone’s eye level and no one can tell by my facial expressions what I think of the stuff being said.

  3. Okay, Errol, time to be geeky for your community! I want animal crossing town tunes for D&E songs and ones from the nanomusical too!

    Um… So I may have gotten New Leaf as a belated birthday gift…..

  4. I mean I want the town tune to be something like narwharl pet, or gaming with you, or one pf the nanowrimo songs. So I can hear your music whenever I talk to my neighbors.