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Comic 658 – “Monkeypans”


Errol: And here is more of the Monkeyman Productions crew! If you remember from yesterday, they are having an indiegogo campaign for their new play The Nefarious Bed & Breakfast!

Everyone in this comic except me are all members in Monkeyman Productions. Didn’t ask me to be a member. I’m sure they asked Debs to try and steal her away from me.

Whitless: This was a facebook conversation :D. And that IS a comfy chair

15 Responses to Comic 658 – “Monkeypans”

  1. I think I find the word ‘Monkeypans’ a little too funny as every time I look at it I start laughing. XD

  2. Oh and I just noticed that Errol’s ‘o’ at the top of the comic doesn’t have the smile in it today.

    • Oh bother. That’s what happens when I use a different template. I forgot this was the old ‘broken’ one. *sigh* Thanks!

  3. I’ve finally gotten around to casting my vote for the sixth song on the EP- I only ticked don’t add me to the mailing list because I’m already on it.

    • I did the same thing, and I actually felt really weird saying no. In my mind, I was saying, “No, I don’t want to be on your stupid mailing list!” And then Debs emailed me checking to see if that’s why I had checked no, and I felt better that I was able explain.

  4. So, Dell called today (4days after they told me the replacment computer would be here within 7 buisness days) to ask if I was okay with a different operating system. Which I am not.