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Comic 662 – “IRL”


Errol: Poor Debs. We’ve been together two years, and we are complete opposites. If you ever wonder if we argue, oh boy, do we argue. *LAUGH*
Debs: Errol always keeps his cool though. That decreases the exploding. I think.

18 Responses to Comic 662 – “IRL”

  1. Somehow I can both picture and not picture you guys arguing. XD

    So the next part in ‘What will attack Jez this summer?’ is apparently big spiders that may be poisonous in my bathroom. Yay. I think I prefer the frogs…. spiders freak me out. 🙁

    • Spiders! *shudder* Just thinking about them makes me get cringing. And poisonous adds so many more levels. Is it possible to get an exterminator?

      • Yeah I called my service already and am just waiting for the dispatcher to call me back to set up an appointment time. They’ll be here either today or tomorrow most likely. Luckily our pest control service is really good and they’re… kinda used to me calling in the summer. XD

      • We have brown recluse coming into Ohio and it has people worried. Rightly so. There is something that causes necrosis in any case. Something bit me while I was napping on the couch a few years back. I had an area about 3″ around the bite that had no feeling for well over a year and the flesh at the center was just not normal.

        Then a couple years after that , just after getting ice cream downstairs, I returned to my desk and started typing only to notice a brown dot of stuff on the back of my hand. I wiped it off thinking it was chocolate ice cream. I’d been planning to just get it with my mouth and decided not to. When I wiped it off, I had a hole in the back of my hand and I realized the brown stuff had been my skin foaming up. There was no pain. After a few weeks it healed, getting no larger than a few mm. It was like I’d spilled acid on my hand. I think it must have been a spider bite, but who knows. I still have a scar.

    • There was this pic Alex showed me of a guy who dressed his dog up like a spider. It started racing toward his partner who freaked out seeing a giant spider attacking her.

      That is so awesome. Would justify getting a dog. 😀

    • Ug. I don’t think you want to see us actually argue, Jez. It’s not pretty. And it always seems to be on the computer. We don’t seem to argue as much in real life.

      * Laughs * I wanna see a picture of the spider. I’m being attacked by black flies. I think. There are so many bugs that I’m pretty much used to being covered in bites and bitten all the time.

      • It’s unlikely I’ll ever have a picture of the things that bother me. My first response is either ‘kill it kill it kill it’ (for the bugs) or ‘get it out get it out get it out’ (for the frogs). I’ve never had an urge to take a pic first. XD The spider wound up being turned to paste by my bug killing boot (yes I have a boot just for that).

        A couple years ago I has a roach in my house (that I somehow killed… on the rug) and called my pest service. They came to spray and the guy actually asked if I kept the roach. I laughed at him. The moment I confirmed it was dead I took practically a roll of toilet paper and flushed the remains. I tend to have extreme reactions to removing pests. XD

      • You see, my mom would probably take a picture. Well, maybe of a spider, certainly of a frog or interesting worm. Not an insect, though. Those she calls me in for. :sigh: I really really hate death.

    • “God could have chosen any 10 things for the plagues. The fact that he included frogs must mean something.”

      I found a nice flattened spider on Saturday. With its legs spread out, it was nearing 2 inches round… It was just under the can of gas for the lawn mower. It must have been crawling towards me when I set the can down on it last time.

      • I’ve heard theories that the plague of frogs might have been a divine commentary on the egyptian fertility deity Heget (who was represented in frog form or as being frog headed) and the real impact would therefore have been as the next plague hit when all the frogs died…

      • I learned a few years ago that all 10 plagues were direct attacks on Egyptian gods. It was interesting to learn about.

  2. I personally like some spiders. Our snake has a pet spider that I named Hyphen, in honor of Ja-mez.

  3. Out where we live we have brown recluse black widows and tarantulas. I’ve seen 4 tarantulas in the past three days. I hate spiders! But they do eat bugs which are destroying my garden so there’s that…