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Comic 661 – “Crash”


Whitless: This weekend was a whirlwind. Barely any sleep has been had. Errol had it worse than me, I managed to get a short nap yesterday, but last night because of the incredibly late, albeit fun, Fan Fiction Night we ended up getting to sleep around 4am. Some people have wondered what Errol would be like when he’s drunk. The best way to see that is to see Errol when he is tired. And I don’t just mean “is feeling slightly drowsy” tired, I mean “can barely stand up and will sleep on your bed for almost two hours” tired. His speech slurred, he couldn’t focus, he stumbled around and mumbled incoherent sentences (yes, even MORE incoherent than usual). And then he passed out on my bed until his wife could come and pick him up.  In his last moments of consciousness he murmured something about me doing the comic. So that’s what I did while he snored (the man can snore). I hope you don’t mind my photoshop disasters for another day :D.

So apologies for the lack of podcast tonight. We were pretty wiped and in the end I was glad not to have to expend the extra energy though I did miss geeking out with you folks :). Hopefully next week will be a different story!

In other news though, we chillaxed with our new game Last Of Us, which so far is a pretty amazing game. It’s what, in my opinion, a zombie game should be. Every bullet is precious. It’s what Tomb Raider should have been.I wanted to do a vlog on our first impressions of it but that will have to wait for another day :D.

Errol: Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that exhausted before in my life. Manpans bought me Swiss Chalet and when I started eating it, I was so tired that I almost threw up after the first bite. I immediately decided I need to sleep and took a nap. *laugh* NAP TIMES!

After I slept, I was able to eat the food!

Honestly, it was all my fault. I’ve been staying up until 1am every night for the last week. So I’ve only been getting 6 hours of sleep and I’m old, remember. I can’t do that. And then on friday and saturday, I think that number went to 5 hours of sleep. *LAUGH*

I need better discipline, that’s for sure!

Thanks, Manpans.

4 Responses to Comic 661 – “Crash”

  1. Yay for a Manpans comic! Also good for finally getting some sleep. I don’t drink alcohol, but by the last night/early morning of a convention, I’m always surprised that I manage to stagger back to my room and not just pass out on the floor.

  2. I may actually not get sick at con this year (apparently I do every year, but I only remeber it this past years, my roomies attribute it to not eating.) As a gopher, I’m getting food vouchers! Whee!

    In other news, Dell customer service has gone into the rubbish bin, file my endorsments of Dell in the circular file. I’m going back to Mac. As soon as the refund from Dell comes in….

    • All hail the Mac! I’m sure you shall be welcomed back with open arms.

      The most sick I was after a con was when I left with walking pneumonia a couple years ago. Nasty business. Now I always try and get real cozy with the hand sanitizer.