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Comic 664 – “The Doubleclicks Tonight!”


Errol: Huzzah! Tonight at the Silver Snail, The Doubleclicks are performing! I get to meet them after harassing them on the twitters! ^_^
Debs: Maybe! I said maybe Knitpicks can send it to us. I don’t know yet! Tell the Doubleclicks hi from me!

6 Responses to Comic 664 – “The Doubleclicks Tonight!”

  1. The first line read in my mind to the tune of the Tonight Ensemble sung by the gangs and Anita & Maria from West Side Story… I could definitely also hear Debs singing Maria’s counter part about recovering lost needles…

    I’m gonna see the double clicks tonight
    I’m gonna meet the double clicks tonight
    You lost my knitting needle.. So! What!
    I feel excitement rumbling, deep in my guuuut….

    It’s Gooone, It’s gone… How can just one be gone…
    I had the whole darn set sitting here….
    And now I have to talk to Errol
    and put my life in peril
    I wonder, if can I fake a tear…

      • I was actually thinking, just as Tony comes in completely oblivious to the storm brewing that was actually centered around him, that you could come in and provide a counter point as well… Blithely singing away at the center of the storm.. 😛

        And James needs to come in too..

        Oh! actually I need to finish watching the last 3GP… The tension was still building to hear Ja-Mez speak. I was nearing 1/2 of the way through and the suspense and irony had been building since about a minute in. 🙂

        Edit: Oh! There! He spoke at 30 minutes in! 🙂 Sorry for picking on you Ja-Mez!

      • “So the drama”

        (Yeah. So, I’m a 42 year old man that still quotes Kim Possible seven years later. Your point? )