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Comic 665 – “Doubleclicks Concert!”


Errol: We saw The Doubleclicks last night at the Silver Snail. It was amazing! ^_^

I also met Justin who is touring with them and is a fire juggler! How awesome is that?! He doesn’t perform with them though.

Angela was sick and didn’t speak much, which meant… MOAR TALKING FOR ME! Poor Doubleclicks and Justin.

And look! here’s a pic of us at Johnny Rockets!


Whitless: They WERE awesome! I was smiling the whole concert. I hope I didn’t scare them with my over eagerness. I was totally over eager. But they were awesome! Cello and a cat piano!

5 Responses to Comic 665 – “Doubleclicks Concert!”

  1. Is a cat piano what it sounds like? A piano shaped like a cat? Regardless I need to see a pic of that! XD

  2. This is an absolutely accurate representation of my online reaction. Everyone was going on about the songs and the cello and stuff, and I was all, “CAT PIANO.” It’s not just a piano SHAPED LIKE a cat. It’s a little children’s keyboard that MAKES CAT SOUNDS. Every note is a meow. It is a meowing piano. And I do need one. I have my own quite ordinary children’s keyboard that I use to make phone noises in one of my songs, but it doesn’t meow.

    • That sounds awesome! I need a cat piano. Not that I play…but I would play a cat piano.

  3. Glad you had fun at the concert! I’ve been able to hear the doubleclicks a couple times and both were a blast. Maybe they’ll come back to Orycon this year 🙂