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Comic 667 – “Comic Break”


Errol: Debs is giving me a break! She is taking over comics starting tomorrow! That means I can continue my knitting and EP work! 😀
Debs: Instrumentals! You can work on instrumentals 😀 Argh. I don’t know why it didn’t work. Now I have to change mine so that it’s Tuesday’s background. Sigh.
Errol: Grrr, I have the wrong ‘too’ in my comic! I did that comic at midnight when I realized Debs comic was corrupted! And no one pointed it out?

8 Responses to Comic 667 – “Comic Break”

  1. Woo Debs Art! XD

    Today starts my insane Disney week as my best friend from college and her family are coming down today for vacation and her son’s birthday. So excited!! 🙂

      • You do! XD Maybe not in the summer though. It’s too hot. Late fall/winter is usually good. Might even need a jacket then depending on how the weather goes. I’ll do Disney weeks at any time though really. I like Disney. 🙂

      • Is this Disney World or Land? Both are awesome. Last year, I took my parents to Disney World for a week for their 40th anniversary, and it was amazing. I’m hoping to go back someday.

        Have fun with your week, and happy birthday to your friend’s son! Disney should be a perfect way to celebrate 😀

      • World. I live in Florida so Disney is a pretty constant thing. XD

        Thanks I hope he’ll have a good time. He’s turning 3 in August but they’re doing the celebrating this week. 🙂

      • I went to Disney once. It was cold and we bought too expensive Disney jackets. I still have mine. I lurve it. I think I had the wrong Disney experience. The haunted castle was the only one I liked 😀

      • Haunted mansion is TONS of fun! I’ll do a Disney week with you guys too! Any excuse, really. Though I really feel a week isn’t quite long enough. I mean, half a day at animal kingdom, half a day at hollywood. A day down town. That only leaves three days a piece for Epcot and Magic Kingdom…. The game in MK can take you three days all on is own. And there are way too many good resteraunts to hit them all in a week, even with my appitite. I mean, there is Chef Mickey, and Tokyo Dining, Tenpan Edo, Coral Reef (best NY strip steak and best creme brulee in all of Disney), there is Le Cellier which is pretty good, I love the Norwegian resteraunt, but no way I could spell it, Errol would LOVE Whispering Canyon, but I think Manda might want to hide all meal. Despite the name, the one thing it never is, is quiet. Ohana is really good, though I know Jez would disagree. 1900 Park Faire has a fantastic breakfast, but it is so bloody early in the morning for a vacation day. And of course eating in the castle is an experiance, but not as amazing as it had been when theynused to make pulled pork. Best pulled pork I had ever had, anywhere, bar none. I know I am missing more great sit downs (My mom would argue for Boma and Cape May), but there are also some really fantastic counter services, like Be Our Guest for lunch time, Gaston’s Tavern, the counter service in Japan is excellent, Pizzarfari has fantastice bread sticks, the Dole Station makes amazing pineapple floats…. Okay, now I’m hungry and miss Disney.

        In other news, laptop has been deleivered to my freind’s house, and I should be delivered there by 5pm tomorrow. 🙂 So hopefully this will be the last week I have to post from the iPad and can’t check spelling or read hover overs.