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Comics 672 – “King’s Ascent IV”


Debs: And lo, Debs drew THE BEST COMIC EVER! Sure, it took me two evenings, but it was so, so worth it. This has ousted Flumes as my new favourite.

20 Responses to Comics 672 – “King’s Ascent IV”

  1. Dragon! 🙂

    On a semi-related note I need to watch Game of Thrones. I’ve only seen part of the first episode so far but I have so many things to watch it keeps getting pushed aside. That being said somehow I know the characters names better than my father who’s seen everything but the last ep of season 3. XD

    Another semi-related note is I couldn’t get past the beginning of that game. I saw the credits button but decided to give it a try anyway. Yeah… the whole jump and move while the blocks you need to jump on fall down thing wasn’t working for me. After about the 50th time I failed to get past the first level of blocks I decided to quit and just go to the credits through the button. I did like the song though! 🙂

  2. Awesome comic, Debs!

    I’ve been reading the back issues of “Weregeek”, another web comic, and the last one I read had the characters facing a burly-armed snake. It’s the mobius strip of geekdom 😀

  3. I actually don’t understand half of this comic, but I’m guessing it’s that whole thing where I’m not very immersed in the geek world, so I don’t get all the references. I know that’s Trogdor, but even that I don’t know much about. I totally wanted to understand it more though, because Debs was so excited about it, but ah well. Nice artwork though! *thumbs up*

      • Don’t worry you guys 🙂 I know there are a ton. The bit that’s relevant here is that Daenerys has three dragons – one is red, so looks vaguely like the one I drew. The skeleton-looking one is from King’s Ascent, and then Trogdor is the third.

  4. I wondered who that was..

    the rest of it is more main stream Game of Thrones references. But if you’ve not read the books or watched it on HBO.

    I think the point is Debs wished for one thing and got another (OR the witch kept Khal Drago for herself…)

  5. BTW Debs, I do recognize that it’s your fault that Debbie Ohi won’t be commenting on this comic… and now I understand why they bother her so much if this sort of thing happens when you utter the word…

    • Bwahahaha! Did you Google it or do you speak German? 😀 I asked my fellow wwoofer what her favourite German word was and this is what she said.

      • Googled. I have to admit that word is one of the many things that has not survived in my memory since college.

      • Oh, that’s German! I tried to figure out what that said, and then just decided it must be random letters. If only I’d noticed the umlaut above the O. And until I figured out what it meant, Brian’s comment about Debbi Ohi was utter gibberish.

        My favorite German word is probably schlagsahne, if only because it’s survived in my memory since first year German in high school.

      • I must admit that I only glanced at the strip yesterday, so I missed the german until I looked again just now- but despite my grasp of the language having grown somewhat rusty with eight years of disuse, I still remember that Eichhörnchen translates as Squirrel- I’ve no doubt lost hundreds of other words from my German vocabulary, but its always the strangest words that stay in my experience…