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Comic 673 – “Game Conquered”


Debs: Today ends the week of Debs comics! Could this be the first time I’ve done a week straight? Good thing we have a website to remember these things 🙂

15 Responses to Comic 673 – “Game Conquered”

  1. I suppose I should point out that none of the comics this week were tagged Debs Art.

    And I’ve been comicized!! Woo! I do find it highly amusing that my comic self is grinning more than I think I’ve ever have in real life. Actually thinking about it, that grin could also mean ebil things are being plotted (or thought).. which fits better. XD

      • I have an inbreed reflex to always smile at a camera despite me hating to take pictures. So really that’s all you would see lol.

      • That should be ‘my’ not ‘me’. Apparently the editor has stopped working properly on my Firefox and I couldn’t edit it on Crome. Ugh.

  2. Evil Spelling Nitpick mode engaged: That should be Khaleesi, not Khalessi Debs.

    • Ahhhhhhh! Thank you so much, MP! I did this one really quickly, and googled it and since a whole bunch of results came up, I assumed it was fine 🙂 I’m going to correct it right now and reupload. You rock, and for the record, please be nitpicky about spelling with me….wrong spelling/grammar kills me.