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Comic 673 – “Game Conquered”


Debs: Today ends the week of Debs comics! Could this be the first time I’ve done a week straight? Good thing we have a website to remember these things 🙂

15 Responses to Comic 673 – “Game Conquered”

  1. I suppose I should point out that none of the comics this week were tagged Debs Art.

    And I’ve been comicized!! Woo! I do find it highly amusing that my comic self is grinning more than I think I’ve ever have in real life. Actually thinking about it, that grin could also mean ebil things are being plotted (or thought).. which fits better. XD

  2. Evil Spelling Nitpick mode engaged: That should be Khaleesi, not Khalessi Debs.

    • Ahhhhhhh! Thank you so much, MP! I did this one really quickly, and googled it and since a whole bunch of results came up, I assumed it was fine 🙂 I’m going to correct it right now and reupload. You rock, and for the record, please be nitpicky about spelling with me….wrong spelling/grammar kills me.