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Comic 677 – “Referral Contest”


Errol: Monkeyman Productions is having a referral contest and manpans informed me of a LEADERBOARD! And I’m in the lead! HUZZAH!

So if you go to a link I publish to their indiegogo page, then you can help me win more! ^_^

And then, the prize? I get a walk on part in the show!

Although, they want me to be silent. Poo.

10 Responses to Comic 677 – “Referral Contest”

  1. You sure they wanted you to be silent- maybe they wanted you to be a cylon

    In which case you’d better get up to date with BSG 😛

  2. Well, the winner is based on donations anyway, so right now Errol is the only one in the running! (Which I think should change … surely someone can knock him out of the top spot?)

      • From the original announcement: “Well, the person who has the most referral donations (in total dollars donated) between now and the end of the campaign (August 1st) will win one of those walk-on roles!”


  3. I was waiting to donate since they had mentioned possibly adding some higher level perks for non-locals. Oh well. Debs, you need a shot to catch up, toss me your referral link? :ebil grin::

    • I don’t believe we’ll be adding any different perks at this point – the one thing we did do was add in the option to get a copy of the script on opening night instead of a ticket if you aren’t nearby. We did discuss the possibility of taping the show – but to truly capture it all in a decent manner would cost almost as much as putting it on in the first place, so it wasn’t feasible. :/

  4. I hate insomnia. Alarm goes off in an hour and a half. Still can’t sleep. Though my allergies get a large chunk of the blame. What did breathing feeling like again, can’t recall.