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Comic 678 – “Missing”


Errol: We get to meet Meli today! ^_^ I was going to do a comic about that, but then, I ran out of time and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. So exhausted. I didn’t even run this WHOLE WEEK. Ugh. Maybe I’ll get a comic done tomorrow! ^_^

Honestly, how can this comic go on for so long without romantical shenanigans! Isn’t ANYONE dating ANYONE around here?

Whitless: Google talk conversation from last night.

Errol: you are going to kill me.

Me: Why?

Errol: Check the comic.

Me: (checking comic)…I am going to kill you.

Also, I am excited to meet Meli 😀

17 Responses to Comic 678 – “Missing”

  1. Well Manda, if you need any help with the “killing” of Errol, let me know.

    I’m unlikely to be able to do much about it, but let me know anyway…

  2. Say “Hi!” to Meli for me!!!!!!

    Aand if you guys film it and do a cover of the song (so we can use it) I’m sure something could be put together.

  3. Woo lucky Meli! XD

    And wasn’t there a whole issue a little while ago on how romance wasn’t needed in everything? Though in that case I believe it was specifically a male and female friend. Still by your own argument romance shenanigans should not be needed. XD

    I do think a Three’s Company skit with the three of you would be hilarious though. 🙂 You should totally do a parody song of the theme!

    On another note… woo getting my hair done (finally) today! Almost ready for vacation! XD

    • I feel like getting your hair done for girls is that mark that something exciting is happening, or the end of something. Like, whenever I finish a show, it’s kind of like ab reak-up and then I end up getting a haircut 😀

      • Most of the time I only go to the salon for special events (holidays, vacations etc.) though occasionally I will just go because the mood takes me and I want to change my hair. It’s very dark right now and shorter than my fb pic. Nothing too drastic done this time though. 🙂

  4. A ‘Three’s Company’ skit would be *fantastic*! You realize, Errol, that now you need to make this happen. Besides, it’ll give you something to keep busy 😛

  5. Cause when it’s His and His and Hers, 3gp’s company too….

    Doesn’t quite have have the same…

    Hey did you 3’s company was a remake of a BBC show? Just like Sanford and Son was..
    In this case, I think the US version was better:

  6. Today was great! Thanks for the show and lunch.

    I actually like the romantic-less plot. I think that there has to be some story that isn’t based off of love!

    And you should do a Three’s Company thing. It would be… interesting to watch.

    • It was so awesome to meet you in person! I also meant to tell you I like reading your blog :D. Keep up the good work! I hope the rest of your vacation is awesome!

  7. Glad you lot had fun. Went to the Renaissance Festival. Very muddy, but fun. Just wish I’d slept the night before, so I could have enjoyed the shows. Ah well, we’re hopefully going back next week. My goal is 60 arrows a week to build muscle memory for shooting lefty, then next year will be 40 lefty sixty righty. Unless I have my recurve by then.

    Edit: Hey! the edit button is back!

    Oh, and I took a photo for Errol. It’s a sign that reads “Huzzah”