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Comic 692 – “Two Totoros”


Errol: I blame the fact I was using to different yarns for them. I have to alter the pattern on the fly to make it fit. That’s my story. I’m sticking to it. Anyone want to claim some sucky totoro shakers for their perk?
Debs: No, I don’t know what you’re talking about but I’m assuming you mean Tycho Celchu. Who is awesome!

* Laughs * Sadly, they are no longer up for grabs. We already know who Dinky #1 is going to and my mom took one look at Dinky #2 and asked that it be turned into a mouse for her. 😀 I was feeling really bad for Dinky #2 up until that point and thought it wouldn’t get adopted, but it will be shaken and loved and maybe called George!

So…any guesses as to which two Errol knit? Here’s a clue – they’re dinky!


Perks Ahhhhh!

8 Responses to Comic 692 – “Two Totoros”

  1. I came back to really crummy internet problems that have been driving me nuts. My modem keeps cycling and resetting itself. I’ll be getting a new modem (with included router even though I don’t need that) on Thursday so hopefully by that afternoon my internet will actually work and be steady once again.