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Comic 691 – “Cultural Differences”


Debs: Errol was doing perk-related stuff tonight, and I’ve been wanting to do this comic for ages!

I learned really quickly while traveling that the term “geek band” does not compute for many. These are actually some of the responses I got, no fooling. It wasn’t all bad though. The kids (and dad) at the PEI farm I stayed at were super into board games and Lord of the Rings. In Cape Breton, my hosts had recently finished watching BSG and the folks in New Brunswick are now completely addicted to Game of Thrones. I’m pretty proud of that one.

Errol: Heh, not only does the term not compute for normal people, geek culture doesn’t in general. I’m surprised you’re surprised no one knows about geek things! My default assumption is no one knows about what I’m talking about! *laugh*

5 Responses to Comic 691 – “Cultural Differences”

  1. I’ve had this exact conversation with most of my friends and family members. Luckily, I do play Celtic folk in a band, so if people call me on it, I can always launch into a rousing chorus of “Loch Lomond.”

  2. You see, when people give me that blank look, I take that as an invitation to educate them. Sometimes they give me stuff just to shut me up, but every once in a while someone comes over to the geek side and I have a new gaming buddy. 🙂

  3. Education is our duty!

    I used to get the ‘blank stare of utter confusion’ even among my geek friends whenever I would mention filk music. I even had one person try very determinedly to convince me that no, I meant folk. Now, thanks to many mixed cds, impromptu burstings into song, and dragging friends to conventions, they are all very well-versed in said musical stylings. During one recent roleplay session, my DM even dived into the chorus of March of Cambreadth. I was so proud.

      • I’d never heard anything like it until my first Orycon. I’ll never forget that first concert: me sitting in the front row, my mouth agape as I fell in love. I must have looked like a total idiot, but it was amazing. And nothing’s been the same since 😀