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Comic 695 – “Five Takes”


Errol: On the off chance you are new to this website, let me give you some details.

Debs and I are creating a Geeky, Parody, EP. Six tongs in total.

Devin, from Copy Red Leader, has a recording studio called The Pond Studio. He’s doing the recording for us.

Debs is a perfectionist. She will spend 12 hours on one song and still not be satisfied.

I’m not a perfectionist. I will spend 12 hours sleeping if I could.

The first song we recorded, TIE After TIE, took us almost 5 hours. That was 4 1/2 hours more than Errol wanted to spend on it.

That was 4 1/2 hours less than Debs wanted to spend on it.

And now you’re caught up. Enjoy!

13 Responses to Comic 695 – “Five Takes”

  1. Heh. Errol, I absolutely sympathise with your approach. Even five takes is too many for me, not because I’m perfect every time (the opposite, actually), but because I’m impatient every time. Were the lyrics all relatively correct? Did I lose control of my voice only once or twice? Can I live with the gasping? The answer is almost always yes. I think part of the issue is that I imagine Devin or whoever is doing the recording slowly going mad, like Jack Torrance in The Shining, and don’t want to know what will happen when he snaps and starts chasing me around the studio with a roque mallet.

    • Besides, Devin commented on how awesome you were when you did record.

      It’s all easy for you guys, because you all are awesome. It’s harder for someone like me who NEEDS multiple takes.

      Debs doesn’t need multiple takes, but does because she doesn’t realize that the last 80 takes were all good.

      Ah well, at least my takes are more ‘raw’. *laugh*

      • Oh, I need multiple takes. I’m just lazy. You only think you need multiple takes. You have a great voice, you can sing on key, and unlike me, you don’t gasp into the microphone.

        Debs is the geek-music equivalent of Stanley Kubrick. Some Kubrick stories: Shelley Duvall had to repeat a scene 127 times for The Shining (here I go with another reference to The Shining), while Tom Cruise had to walk through a door 97 times for Eyes Wide Shut. Next to Kubrick, Debs is a multiple-takes amateur.

      • Oh yes, I have read awful stories of Kubrick. Most of them on the Cracked site. 😀

        And I DO gasp into the mic! They cut those out. *laugh*

  2. Way to go, Manda!!!!!!!! Have a blast!

    I am used to theater. what are these takes of which you speak?

    • Oh! Sorry!

      Let’s say we have a song and I sing it through once and they record it. That’s Take 1.

      Then I sing it again, Take 2.

      And so on. 😀

      • oooooo! New Challenge… take advantage of Errol’s current worry that D&E has got too much back story and see how many completely basic things we can get Errol to explain ad nauseum. 🙂

        Oooo I just had a comic 700 idea…