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Comic 696 – “West of D&E”


Errol: Kari Maaren has a webcomic called West of Bathurst. It’s in its final year after seven years, and I wanted to do a tribute to the comic. They also have a contest going, and at first this was going to qualify FOR that contest, but then I realized my idea was too hard to get into one strip and I’m tired. So I just have this.

9 Responses to Comic 696 – “West of D&E”

  1. This is excellent- if it is an entry, then I think the bar has just been raised…

  2. That’s awesome! It really looks like Kari’s style of drawing! 🙂 I wish I could do that. I think my entry for comic 700 was my first time drawing the same character more than once and… it did not go as well as I would have liked. XD

  3. It is not an official entry because it doesn’t contain any of the entry criteria, but it has been posted on the Fan Stuff page, and it does rather raise the bar.

  4. My new modem will not be coming until Monday evening now so while I’ll attempt to watch the podcast I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to chat.

    I’m simultaneously frustrated and amused at the run around I just got trying to reschedule this thing. The first person I talked to today needed my father’s social security number (last 4 digits) to verify the appointment. Policy she said. I was not supposed to have made the first appointment to begin with without it (which I had). Since I don’t know his number and he’s out of state she suggested he call and add me to the account so I can take care of stuff. Fine. So I did and they added me. Now I call back again. New person. All he asked for was the phone number the account was linked to and tada new appointment made. *faceplant* Now… WHERE exactly is this policy of social security numbers? Cause two out of three didn’t need it and I went through many frustrations for nothing. Ugh. Sometimes… dealing with the automated services really is better than dealing with people.