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Comic 697 – “Comic Swap”


Errol: This is, yet again, not an official entry. But I hope to get an official entry in, but I needed to have two lead up comics. At least, I thought I did. But… in the end, I didn’t but oh well. Hopefully, later today, I can get my official entry in for West of Bathurst contest! ^_^

Hopefully all of you can get YOUR official entry in for the 700th comic!

15 Responses to Comic 697 – “Comic Swap”

  1. Aww the background color on my comic entry is going to be wrong now since there’s usually never a comic on Sunday. XD

    • What I think she’s getting at is that without a sunday comic strip 700 was due to happen on thursday- and now it’ll happen on a Wednesday instead.

      • Ah I knew I should have made copies and done each background on then! XD j/k. It’s a miracle I got through that one comic, let alone five. Though I could have done more scenes then lol.

  2. Also, with regards to comic 700- and my submission for it, I am currently erasing Errol from existence… perhaps I’m overreacting?

  3. I would say Errol knows how I feel now re. drawing by hand, but he is still cutting and pasting quite liberally, plus using font for the dialogue. I think he would go mad and run away screaming if he did comics my way.

    • I gave up things like stop motion animation for a reason… ^_^

      Although… Terraria still has me addicted…

  4. Well I won’t be making the podcast tonight. My modem is completely shot now, though it had been working earlier this morning. It won’t even cycle reset itself anymore. Ugh.

    • Awww… man, you guys are having crazy internet issues. I’m glad you were able to join us for the gift opening then!!