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Comic 697b – “West Of Bathurst Entry”


Errol: And finally, here’s my West of Bathurst Contest entry. It should fulfill the requirements, and if we are a stickler for only one panel, we could always chop it down the middle. I just wanted to end the series of the WoB crossover this way! ^_^

Also notice, that comic 700 will be on Wednesday. That’s Manpans birthday! Cool! 😀

9 Responses to Comic 697b – “West Of Bathurst Entry”

  1. So, Jez, is it bad I looked at the comic again and I didn’t see the glow in the dark totoro as a totoro, but as a grunny?

    • Rofl. That didn’t occur to me actually but it does look a little similar. Just needs some red eyes. XD