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Comic 699 – “Be Prepared”


Errol: Two more days for Monkeyman’s Indiegogo campaign! I want a walk on part! I want a walk on part! This is going to be like ebay though, I just know it. As soon as it looks like I may win, BAM, someone goes in and donates monies and cuts me off. Ah well.

OH, and we’re doing something different this year with the 700th comic. Each of your submissions will get ONE day. I hope that’s ok. The reason being, I’m going to be away in California! So if you could give me a blurb that you want to say for your comic, please do!

Whitless: Wouldn’t you know it, I listen to “Be Prepared” almost every day. It is an AWESOME song.

33 Responses to Comic 699 – “Be Prepared”

  1. Ooo does that mean mine might actually be on a Thursday now? XD

    Hmmm *ponders* I’ll have to think about what to say about mine… er… without pointing out all the faults in it lol. XD Do we email that to the debs are errol gmail?


    Manda, we need a mouseover!

  3. Have now made a small contribution towards tNB&B- and I am surprised Manda hasn’t been plugging it much considering she’s part of the company putting it on.

    • I’ve been plugging it on my FB once a week :). Now that it’s down to the final hours I’m going to plug it more but I always hate spamming people with stuff :D.

      • You’re as bad as Errol… perhaps you ought to remind yourself of my rant at him regarding promoting his own projects- because the arguments I made to him are probably still applicable.

        To give you the short version: You’re passionate about doing this, otherwise you wouldn’t be putting your free time towards it, but unless you share your passion for it with other people they won’t know about it, and if they don’t know about it then they CAN’T care about it.

      • Oh, but I did for this one! Just once or twice a week though. If I did it everyday for 60 days I would drive my friends up the (Facebook) wall :D.

  4. I have now written and submitted a blurb for what really ought to be tomorrow’s comic (Errol will understand why it wants to be at the front of the queue- and the rest of you will be enlightened soon enough).

  5. Hope you stay on top of the referrals for the last two days 😀 I know nothing about the show(?) but… you’re obviously pretty excited…

    Emailed a comic blurb. Haha, a whole day each will be fantastic! o.o Have fun in California!

  6. Yeah about mine… um… you should all know that Meli agreed to let me do what I did sight unseen. Meli is an awesome sport, I wish my art skills had done her justice.

  7. *smacks self* Blurb… right. I should do that. I got distracted… with other stuffs… *shifty eyes* XD

  8. I sent the blurb to you, but seeing as I’m still not 100% on if I even got my comic in late or on time or even early, I have no clue how much sense my comic will make.
    OH WELL! :3