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700 Comics: Comic Submission by Mercenary Pen

Errol: Every 100 comics we get the D&E community to submit their own D&E comic! I had a theme for the 700th comic submission, but no one listens to the themes I choose (in fact, I don’t listen to it either).

MP_Comic 700- Birthday inside a game.


Mercenary Pen: This was a last minute thing for me, because I keep telling myself that I’m decidedly mediocre when it comes to digital art- and even now the evidence supports that theory. But then I ran the numbers on Sunday and worked out that comic 700 was going to fall on Manda’s birthday- and what do we all know about Manda? She loves games. Based on that and a Lets Play series she was drafted into by Dan the Video Ninja (possibly as a result of me suggesting it in his YouTube comments), I had my idea, and mediocre or not, I HAD to do it anyway.

29 Responses to 700 Comics: Comic Submission by Mercenary Pen

  1. Dear Whitless (aka Manda),
    It’s me, Straight block. I watched your letter awhile back and well… we need to clear some things up. First of all I am fully aware this is a team effort. This so-called ‘game’ is my life and I would obviously want to succeed at it. I understand how it could be frustrating waiting for me to come out and clear all those rows. It’s frustrating for me too.
    I hate to phrase it this way but, your favoritism has not gone unnoticed. The others are aware and they revolted. They believe that they can win the game all on their own without any help from me. Zigzag block is the instigator and the most zealous so he constantly throws himself out there, trying to win on his own. I’m usually held in the back by a wall of Square blocks, only allowed out every now and then.
    Frankly, it’s madness back there. No one can go out without Zigzag’s permission. There is no team anymore. No joyful cheers before one of us goes out. No celebrating after we beat the game together. I miss the good old days. Lately the others have been eying Square block also. I think he’s next on the list. This can’t go on. I’m sorry to say your game might be out of sorts for a while but please do your best with what Zigzag gives you. I’m going to try to overthrow him. If, however, I do seem to never show up in your game again just know I went down fighting for a fair game, for you, and for our FREEDOM!
    Straight Block

    PS: I heard it’s your birthday today and hopefully I can get you a full and fun game experience once more. However, if it takes me longer than a day please take this drawing from Jezbel as a gift:
    It depicts you in some of your favorite games. Tetris is not there. 🙁 I can understand why though. Anyway Happy Birthday!! Hope your day goes great! 🙂

    Jezbel note: Sorry about the background in the first panel. It kinda… didn’t go the way I wanted it to. Oops. XD

  2. Dear Whitless,
    It was wonderful to hear from you finally (you have no idea how lacking the postal service in Hyrule is most of the time). You addressed in your letter some concerns with my activities in Hyrule that were distressing to hear, and I wanted to take the time to address those concerns for you.

    Firstly, you mention my fundraising methods, in particular the going into peoples homes and taking their life savings and other hidden nest eggs. In my defence, other methods of fundraising fall short in one critical aspect, engaging with the general population. Politicians may complain about people being to apathetic to vote, I complain about people being too apathetic to save Hyrule from the clear and present threat of domination by Ganondorf. It matters not that the forces of darkness are actually invading Hyrule at the time, people still go about their business trying to pretend that the land is at peace even as soldiers and monsters invade their homes- and the castle guard is little better, preferring to walk back and forth in utterly predictable patrol patterns even with the kingdom being destroyed and enslaved around them.

    As to the matter of talking to people, I’ve given up on that since nobody is remotely interested in listening to me- the moment I try to thank them for the donation of their money or indeed other useful equipment such as bombs, arrows and the like, they interrupt me to either ramble on about life as it would be if the forces of darkness weren’t invading or to hand me yet another hint to a quest that for some reason I will be forced to complete before the forces of darkness can be driven back.

    Then, there is the assertion that I misuse the funds that I have collected, with partcular emphasis on money spent fishing and on other leisure activities. Have you any idea how little leisure time I get any time Hyrule gets invaded? Have you even got any idea how much sleep I get during one of these invasions (or as I prefer to call them, the working week)? Next to none, that’s how much sleep I get, how much other downtime I get unless I pay for it. Then there is the little matter that instead of donating such choice equipment as heart containers, special bombs, arrows and the like towards the defence of Hyrule, the locals hoard them as prizes for these games. You would not believe the number of times I have asked why they do not simply give them to me at the beginning of the crisis so that I can take advantage of them from the beginning of the first temple, but no they require feats of skill to earn each piece in the first place, and then take them back as soon as I have finished saving their inane and inconsequential little lives, with barely as much as a word of thanks even from royalty, let alone from the man in the street.

    Finally, I wish to register my protest to your high-handed decision to threaten me with chickens, have you any idea how much counselling I’ve had to go through because of those chickens? Of course not, for that never makes it into any of the tales that go beyond Hyrule’s borders, and even if you care to look for yourselves you do not get close enough to see me tremble as I try to approach one, for fear that this will be the one that snaps and begins the attack.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mercenary Pen note: apologies for the typo in the first frame of today’s comic- it was meant to be video, not viedo…

  3. Yeah, I’d do something funny and cute for your birthday, but Gravatar hates me and I don’t think you’ve written a letter to The Villager from Animal Crossing yet.
    Happy birthday, Manda.

    • I have a number of entries. I will release them one a day (because I’m off to california in a couple of days so I can’t do the comic)

      • By “I will release them on(c)e a day,” Errol means, “Debs will do it”. So besides MP today, we’ve got Jezbel, Jon, Paige, Meli, Tarina and Lore Hera. Have I missed anyone? And if you haven’t sent in a blurb (plus request colour) and mouseover text, you should have an email from me asking. 🙂

  4. Ninjini:
    Dear Whitless, we Skylanders are quite distressed. Why have you not written a letter to US yet? Do you wish for us to speak to you first? if so, your wish… has been granted. I am Ninjini, spokesgaint for the Skylanders.

    Hothead: That burns me up, who put YOU in charge?

    Ninjini: Isn’t that obvious? I’m in charge because clearly, I’ll be her favorite.

    Cynder: Well volts and lightning, girl! Haven’t you been paying attention to who this Whitless woman likes? Look at that one, with the wings… who is all cool and evil and dark looking, clearly, I’ll be the favorite. I mean seriously, I am one awesome, treasure collecting dragon of undeath!

    Spyro: Uh huh, this letter isn’t about who she will like best, can we get back to the point? Please?

    Drobot: The original point was to berate the human for not having written us a letter. If she has not played our games, that might explain it. It would also explain why we cannot ascertain her preference.

    Eyebrawl: I’ve had my eye on her for sometime, and I think there is something more we need to say, rather than berating her.

    Spyro: Fine, you guys do whatever, I’m off to fry some sheep.

    (All the mabu cheer)

    Sprocket: We can’t fix the problem if you don’t tell us what it is, Eyebrawl. What are we missing?

    Eyebrawl: I see that today is Whitless’ birthday.


    Slambam: Was that Kaos?

    Flashwing: I dunno. Sounded like Invader Zim to me…

    Kaos: I am KAOS! And I rule this world with an iron fist. Fear the fist!

    Flashwing: Yep, that’s Zim alright. Why is he wishing her a happy birthday?

    Kaos: Because as usual, you foolish Skylanders are too slow. Besides, it’s obvious, she’d like ME best, and we’d rule the world together!

    Cali: Hey, braniac, problem with that, she is not a portal master. She’s of no use to you.

    Kaos: Oh, very well then. Glumshanks, come on. We must continue our assault on the secret vault…of secrets!

    Flashwing: not the brightest gem in the mine is he. Anyway, happy birthday Whitless, even if you aren’t a portal master here to help save Skylands from that idiot.

    Eon: I believe that this Whitless has what it takes to be a portal master.

    Cynder: Bravery, strength, perseverance, and a willingness to turn us into puppets for her own sick twisted amusement, forcing us to help Mabu and jump off cliffs to certain doom, unaware there is a bounce pad waiting for us below?

    Hex: I do not think she could be a portal master.

    Eon: No, she has what it takes, I assure you. Money and time, lots of both.

    Flashwing: Definitely not.

    Drillbot: I have just checked her bank account, Master Eon is funny. Ha ha ha.

    Flamslinger: Look at these tiny numbers.

    Eon: Fine, whatever. So she won’t be a portal master. Fine. All the same, Happy Birthday, Whitless. From me, Eon.

    Mabu: From the mabu!

    Ninjini: From the Giants.

    Cynder: Ah-hem, from all the Skylanders.

    Kaos: AND FROM KAOS!

    Persephone: Oh! I know what birthday is! A magical upgrade!


  5. I posted a pretty version of that and WordPress got all…. odd… on me… so there is the less pretty version, hope he other doesn’t show up later. @.@ Happy birthday!

  6. ‘Manda… I had a plan for a video. I had thoughts for an Icon, I had a role I would play… All of these things I wanted to get done today and it’s not happened yet and I am running out of your birthday….

    So let me just say this…

    You are an amazing person.

    You have a great personality. You are fun to talk to and you make me smile and not just because I occasionally get to tease you as I used to tease my sister. You are patient and you care about what others think and you can see through their outward actions to realize what’s behind them (and yes I’m in part talking about Errol’s un-ending torture of you). You do have a great core of friends built around and that speaks volumes about the kind of person you are (assuming one doesn’t think too deeply about their individual quirks). You know I respect your talent and knowledge about acting. Thank you for sharing bits of that with me. that’s a part of my life that is largely in the past and it’s great to have re-awakened some of that through our conversations. You’ve made me laugh till tears came in both your videos and in the few Google hangouts we’ve had. And having the talent to bring joy and laughter into the world ain’t nothin.

    I hope your birthday was incredible and that you have a wonderful rest of the week. You deserve it Manpans!

    Whitless fan – Out.

    • Awwww, thanks Brian. That made all the mushy feelings appear. Seriously. It’s been so awesome getting to know you and become friends. We will all need to have another gaming session soon. I have a new video card, so there’s no worry of overheating now :D.

      • ooo a new video card! You should give Warframe a shot then! It’s Ninjas in space! AND FREE! I can even play on my laoptop, though it does get overwhelmed sometimes even with everything turned off.