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700 Comics: Comic Submission by Meli

Debs: Special Bonus Sunday post! Thanks, Meli!130804_Meli_Comic 700
Meli: This was a last-minute drawing, and I didn’t really have a good idea for it.
I tried: the Toroto, the lightsaber, Pinkie Pie, a (fail) portal, and the apple tree from Animal Crossing- this was the best I could do to show a few fandoms combined with each other.

25 Responses to 700 Comics: Comic Submission by Meli

  1. It’s Meli time! Huzzah! I wondered if that was a portal! 🙂 I didn’t catch the Animal Crossing reference though!

    Great drawing! And I’m on Meli time at the moment! It’s almost 9am!

    • Oh that’s okay! Yeah, I should have done the leaf instead of an apple tree.

      Thank you. I’m a terrible artist, but I tried.
      Yay for west coast!! Are you leaving California tomorrow? ):

    • Aha! Got them now too. Thank you for sharing the link for those of us who avoid Facebook like the plague it is.

      • Oh man… I remember this stuff 😛 * Laughs * Unlike Errol’s pre-DAE, mine are not really that geeky 😛 More emo.

      • Some of us- in particular those of us with more emotional depth than a teaspoon- might enjoy them anyway, after all, we’re not just geeks, there’s more to us than just that.

      • ROFL. Yeah, some of us are nerds too. A few are dweebs, maybe a dork or two…

      • What I meant was that though each of us is a geek (with the possible exception of Lizette), there are elements to each of us that go beyond what can be neatly pigeonholed in even a category as expansive as that. The moment we go from thinking of each other as geeks to thinking of each other as nothing more than geeks we limit our understanding of one another and our interactions with one another.

        (please excuse any flaws in the logic of the above, I have only just dragged myself out of bed)

      • I apologize. I had gotten what you were trying to say. I had been attempting to be humorous. Which fails more often than it works. Ask Div and Jezbel….

      • Oh dear. Urm…okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you?

        1) “Sweet Girl” (Feb 2011) – based on Black Swan. I actually still perform this one.

        2) “Let Me Believe” (Feb 2010) – A friend of mine wanted to do an Evanescence-type song. He gave me lyrics that didn’t sound angsty enough so I rewrote them based on some writing I did during a bad relationship. Urm…yeah. I roll my eyes but it does come from a real place. Did I mention the emo thing yet?

        3) “Genesis” (Feb 2010) – Another collaboration with a FAWMer in Israel. He did the music and I just put vocals on top.

        And some non-angst for balance…

        4) “Be Careful Where You Stand” (Feb 2011) –

        5) “The Saga of George Porgesta IV” (Feb 2013) – collab! You maybe have heard this one though.

      • Listening to some now, but do you have a way I can buy/download them to listen on my ipod? Running around like a chicken with my head cut off, so in playlist mode, since I can’t keep getting up and down to change songs. Packing, and won’t have time to just listen and poke around probably until Wednesday. Unless somehow I pack REALLY quickly today and have time to my self (yeah right) Tuesday.

      • I don’t, unfortunately! I’ve been * really * lax there and have never released any sort of compilation or album type thing by myself. “Right-click/save as” is the best I can do. Brargh! It would be cool to do something like that one day!

      • Tried that. would only save as a web archive. You guys (you, Manda, Kari, even Errol to an extent) need to make more of this awesome stuff available for purchase! 🙂

      • Some of us scroll down to catch everything (and have rather less people on our feeds than you do)

  2. Way cool, but I have to ask, does the pony have pockets to collect those apples? Oh, oh! guess what! We have PEARS!!! Well, we will when the trees finish growing in a few days. Hoping to get persimmons for us next weekend. 🙂

    • 😀 YAYYYYYYY!!

      Applejack kicks apple trees and then the apples fall into baskets. Or ponies can carry apples in their mouths or bags.