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700 Comics: Comic Submission by Meli

Debs: Special Bonus Sunday post! Thanks, Meli!130804_Meli_Comic 700
Meli: This was a last-minute drawing, and I didn’t really have a good idea for it.
I tried: the Toroto, the lightsaber, Pinkie Pie, a (fail) portal, and the apple tree from Animal Crossing- this was the best I could do to show a few fandoms combined with each other.

25 Responses to 700 Comics: Comic Submission by Meli

  1. It’s Meli time! Huzzah! I wondered if that was a portal! 🙂 I didn’t catch the Animal Crossing reference though!

    Great drawing! And I’m on Meli time at the moment! It’s almost 9am!

  2. Way cool, but I have to ask, does the pony have pockets to collect those apples? Oh, oh! guess what! We have PEARS!!! Well, we will when the trees finish growing in a few days. Hoping to get persimmons for us next weekend. 🙂

    • 😀 YAYYYYYYY!!

      Applejack kicks apple trees and then the apples fall into baskets. Or ponies can carry apples in their mouths or bags.