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700 Comics: Comic Submission by Paige

Errol: Every 100 comics we get the D&E community to submit their own D&E comic! I had a theme for the 700th comic submission, but no one listens to the themes I choose (in fact, I don’t listen to it either).

Paige: I thought I had sent in the comic a day late, but I guess it was on time? Possibly even a day early? Huh. Maybe time turners do work like that. I wouldn’t know, I’m not a wizard.
That would imply that I was male, which I am most definitely not.

Also, I got a haircut Tuesday, so the hair in this terribly drawn comic version of myself may or may not be entirely accurate depending on which point in time you’re viewing it from. I look a little like Emma Watson now, which I think gives me the right to speak in a British accent? Probably not, but I think I will anyways. Though I do sound Australian when I try that particular accent out. 🙂

6 Responses to 700 Comics: Comic Submission by Paige

      • Thanks! That’ll help at the con this coming weekend! Work the day as a gopher, flip it over, spend the day at panels and the concert and the dealers room and the art room, flip it again and play Skylanders in the game room all day….

        Yes, I use rare magical artifacts to gain more video game play time.

  1. Huzzah, Paige! ^_^ I’m glad you got your comic in on time!

    The great things about people drawing themselves, I don’t have to guess what their shirt symbol would be.

    • Yeah…. mine isn’t me. You still have to do a shirt symbol for me. Though blue hair like that could be fun. Problem is the blue never takes for me, always comes out seaweed green. That’s why I usually stick with picks, purples, white, red…. Hmmm….. me thinks it is time to dye my hair again….