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Bovine Gig BSG Pic

Errol: Sorry folks, no comic today, just too exhausted from our week of crazy. The gig last night was great, actually! A bunch of our folks showed up, they even listened to our songs, joined in, and laughed along!

I made manpans come up and lead Narwhal because she hates that song. HAHAHAHAHHA!

I’m a jerk.

It was an awesome night. Every time we sing BSG I always text Kelson, and now I take a blurry pic of debs. Here is last night’s BSG pic.


15 Responses to Bovine Gig BSG Pic

  1. Still no sudden Hendrix solos added to BSG? Yes, Jimi Hendrix is relevant to BSG Errol, and I’m not telling you how he’s relevant…

      • Debs can, and since BSG is guitar led- there shouldn’t be any problem with her putting in the guitar solo… even if it does verge on being a spoiler.

      • Debs: I’m could probably swing it right at the end as a subtle thing. The obvious spot would be after the bridge, but Errol’s usually yelling so loudly by that point that no one would catch it.

  2. The most hilarious part of that song was that Debs had spoiled the Red Wedding for Errol and that became more a point of contention between them than the actual content of the BSG song

  3. Aww no one took a pic of the baby ceiling?

    That was probably hilarious to watch but really. Red Wedding is something that should not be spoiled. It should be left to experience on their own so you can laugh at their horror-stricken faces. *nods* XD

    • Wait a sec…, Jez says there is something that shouldn’t have spoilers?! Does the Div know this about you? O.O

      • The irony there is I spoiled that one for myself since I have yet to watch or read that series. XD Also.. I said it shouldn’t be spoiled only so you can watch your other friends reactions. That was a purely self- entertainment statement and has nothing to do with how I feel about spoilers in general.