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Comic 703 – “Real Situations”


Errol: I have touched on this before, but considering I am recording our life as a band, sometimes I wonder how real I should get. I try to mark down situations, but should I try and go for deeper emotions?

Well, not MY emotions, of course. They’re about as you see in the comic. I mean, other people’s emotions.

I guess they wouldn’t like that if I did it…

Debs: Erm..I can’t tell if that question was serious.

I  was so wearing deodorant when I came over last night!  It’s just that sometimes deodorant isn’t perfect when you’re biking and it’s hot outside. I love that I can bike to Errol’s house now though.

11 Responses to Comic 703 – “Real Situations”

  1. In terms of how real you should get Errol, my opinion is that we don’t really need matters of body odour and bodily functions (in fact, nobody apart from trained medical professionals- who you are seeing in their professional capacity- needs those)

  2. I forgot this was today’s, and wondered why there was no next comic. It’s been a long weekend today. Night!