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Comic 702 – “Totoro Drawing of Awesome”

Debs: I made the mistake of asking Errol if he wanted to blurb this in Gmail Chat and this is what happened.


Debs: In seriousness though, we were really floored by Nicholas’s drawing. We only first met him at Anime North the week before, and he yet he somehow captured our “Errol has more energy than Debs/Debs gets tired,” dynamic perfectly. Though lately Debs feels pretty focused and Errol’s the one who is tired.


9 Responses to Comic 702 – “Totoro Drawing of Awesome”

  1. It’s an awesome drawing!

    Leaving for the airport soon. Tired, but it’s not as bad as when I had to leave for Seattle. I couldn’t pack the shirt. I have pretty much no room left in my suitcase or bag. XD