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Comic 705 – “To Do Lists”


Errol: I have all these plans to start up all these to-do lists, but they ultimately fail in the end. Now, it’s just my phone calendar and my Important Unread email. If I don’t have it in there, then I will forget about it.
Debs: We’ve tried a couple of shared “to-do” list things at my insistence but they haven’t worked out. The Google docs one was really pretty too, with multiple colours. Lesigh.

In something completely unrelated, I finished A Dance of Dragons yesterday. Has anyone else read it? It was…huh.

23 Responses to Comic 705 – “To Do Lists”

  1. I’ve been up to date with the “A Song of ice and fire” books since about a week after A Dance with Dragons was released- congratulations on catching up…

    And on the matter of to do lists, just keep emailing Errol the link and mention the most urgent highlights.

    • What?! You read it in a week? It took me 3 months!! But then again, I have a feeling you’re better at not getting annoyed/confused at the introduction of endless new characters. My internet brain is not built for those books. Would love to know what you thought (with minimal spoilage for those still catching up, of course).

      You know, that’s actually a great idea with Errol. I should just email him every day saying, “Do everything in this link”. I even had a task asking him to put more tasks in the list and he didn’t do it.

      • I put everything apart from work and essential tasks on hold for that week… and to be honest I’ve read and watched enough since that I’d need to re-read it to refresh my memory on the fine detail.

  2. I also more or less survived con. I am now trying to survive Bolt Bus. Please forgive any typos, the seating is really crowded. (They claim extra leg room, I want to know, compared to what…) They also claimed power outlets, newp. They claimed free wifi… I’m using my phone as a hot spot. The address they gave for the “station” was an amtrak station, their stop was out doors, without seats up hill a block away. The arm rest at my seat is so broken it is impossible to use, and there is a thing at my feet that is half fallig off. This stinks so badly. I am getting friction burn on my arm from the fuz felt of the wall I’m pressed against. Ugh. 2 more hours. Then I get to walk to another form of mass transit, and another form, and a walk to get home. T.T I want my money back.

    /end rant

    Good con stuff will come later when I don’t feel like I’m typing with T-rex arms.

  3. Finally home and safe from the con. I am spent and exhausted, but I loved the LARP so much this year. It was epic and I am willing to share with anyone who has finished Pretear (because this was such a spoilerific year) but the odd thing was how much this year paralleled the first year I played this character. If anyone from the LARP pops in here (I may have been talking this play up a lot), the Larp report is coming, I did a ton already, but passed out over the keyboard last night, and it was too hard to type on Bolt.

  4. I got this awesome jacket to complete my steampunk costume and am working on finishing a pair of chainmaille bracers for the knight costume. My mother pointed out that I spend *way* more money, time, and effort on costumes than I do for my regular clothes. I just gave her the “well…yeah” look, and she laughed and left the room.

    I gotta have my priorities.

  5. I’m awful at checklists too. Even when I try putting things in my phone, I still forget stuff because I’m the most cellphone-apathetic teen you’ll ever meet and I either don’t have it or the battery is dead. Often it’s both.