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Comic 706 – “Anxious Again”

Errol: This was a conversation we had today. I was on the bus and when Manpans said, “You’re insecure?” I literally went “THBBBB”, which would have been quite the drenching had there been someone in front of me. Poor Manpans.
Whitless: When faced with the utter logic of a situation I tend to grasp at straws. The script is pretty much done. Someone has offered their services as a DOP and editor. This thing is getting closer to being actually a thing. And all the doubts and obstacles are rearing their ugly heads. Namely: we need a location, another actor, and I need to figure out when in everyone’s busy schedule they’d POSSIBLY be able to do this. This results in many panic attacks. And the above conversation. But it’s true, I had no idea of what Errol actually thought of the script :D.

When I uttered “…Because you’re insecure?” Errol’s exact words (after a full minute of wheezing laughter into the phone) were “This is the comic. E-mail this to me”. Clearly my feelings were paramount in this :P.

10 Responses to Comic 706 – “Anxious Again”

  1. Lets be honest Manda, it would take something like being thrown out of an aircraft with no parachute to make Errol insecure.

  2. I don’t think it’s that Errol’s not insecure, even Bill Gates probably has insecurities. He’s just aware of his insecurities and accepts them for what they are. Errol seems to be a pretty self-aware person, it usually comes as a requirement for the 8 kinds of ADD. I’m sort of the same way sometimes, actually. It tends to keep me in check. I mean, just imagine Errol if he DID let his insecurities rule him. There’d be no band, that’s for sure.