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Comic 709 – “Non-Rushed”


Errol: One day, Debs and I will be able to hang out. One day.
Debs: During this conversation last night, Errol reminded me that we had hung out until midnight the night before which was true!  We practiced. Then we shot a video. Then he went to do the comic and I exported and uploaded EP tracks from his computer for an hour. Then I made him sign thank you cards. Then we talked about Indiegogo perks before I went home. So it was hanging out…With A Purpose!

I really love doing band things but then I see that Errol is tired and busy, and I feel bad occupying him for non-essential (read: non-band) things like games or ice cream. I’d rather he get more sleep. Of course, he just plays Agricola on his iPad after I leave 😛

10 Responses to Comic 709 – “Non-Rushed”

  1. Enjoyed the new video. Just the thing to start the day with ahead of a nine hour afternoon/evening shift at work.

  2. I clearly need to re-watch Avatar. But I did link it to the Angelique and will link it to the Div when she gets off of work.

      • She’s another friend. She went to Otakon with us. And out of our group I’m pretty sure I’m the only one with Twitter, even though I only use it as a stalking tool. XD

        I liked the song. No clue what scene it was depicting but then I never got very far in Avatar. I should… add that to my list so I stop forgetting about that one.

  3. Earlier this summer I watched Avatar with my sisters on Netflix. We enjoyed it a lot, agreed that Zuko and Katara have more chemistry than Aang and Katara and should have been a thing, made fun of that stupid, awful movie, and generally did a lot of bonding. It was great because my sisters and I usually don’t get along well.
    That song was awesomely awesome.
    Also, if you come down to Kitchener I noticed that there’s a Pho place across the street and a couple buildings down from City Hall, if that gives you any incentive. 🙂