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Comic 708 – “Facebook Sponsor”


Errol: I saw Kari post something on her FB page about this, and then Debs sent me this gchat exchange. Poor Kari. She gets harassed by BOTH me and Debs.
Debs: I have proof the sponsorship post happened. Proof! Lookit! I can’t decide which of my glazed over looks I like more. I’ll echo what Errol said. “Poor Kari!”


20 Responses to Comic 708 – “Facebook Sponsor”

  1. I can confirm that this conversation happened almost verbatim, except via Google Chat rather than in person. Debs continued to contact me periodically throughout the day to quote from The Last Unicorn and assert that Facebook loved me. I think she may need sleep.

    And I very much like my expression in Panel 3 there.

  2. I would have thought the same thing as Debs. If you click on the Promote button on a post, it asks for money to move the post up in your friends’ feed. And then it says, “Any post that you pay to promote will be marked as Sponsored.” So how else does a post get marked as Sponsored, I wonder?

    • I don’t know, but I honestly did not pay to promote this random song I’d uploaded twelve days before along with a whole bunch of other songs. It seems as if ReverbNation is the one doing the “sponsoring,” and I haven’t given RN any money either. It’s a little annoying that Facebook claims it uses the “Sponsored” label solely for one purpose but then slaps it on other stuff as well, apparently for fun. I didn’t even post that thingy. RN did it of its own accord for reasons I still don’t understand. It would make more sense if I had JUST uploaded the song, but again, this was twelve days later.

  3. I’m just glad to see a Last Unicorn quote. I recognized it even before “you are engaged”. Shmendric was quite the little odd ball. fun, but odd. Peter S. Beagle was at Otakon so the timing amused me as well.

  4. Hey, D&E, been trying to send you guys emails, but it keeps bouncing back to me… not sure if any of the emails went through.

  5. My email stopped working. So of course the logical thing to do… is bathe the eldest cat. Ow.