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Comic 712 – “Visitations”


Errol: Poor Ja-mez. We went to visit him. The above happened.

And then, I came to pick her up for our practice, and she was unprepared and not ready and surprised I showed up because I didn’t tell her ahead of time. I just can’t win. ^_^

Debs: I need advanced notice! Advanced!! I hope to spend today at the hospital with Ja-Mez, then Errol and I are off to Hamilton for the evening to record “Undead Crawler”!

15 Responses to Comic 712 – “Visitations”

  1. A quick google search suggests you haven’t used “Visitations” as a comic title before- no need to worry on that account just yet.

    • HUZZAH! Thanks! 😀 Actually, it’s easy for me to check. I can go to the Archive and do a search there… but it was 12:30am and I was tired…

      • I just searched visitations in google, and came up with no results- which made sense at the time since the new comic had only just gone up- thus google hadn’t had the chance to index it yet.

  2. Ja-mez, for when you can get to a computer (or phone or tablet) to read this, please note that you are loved and you are missed. We await your miraculously speedy recovery that will lead to questions over the possibility of your possessing mutant powers. Clearly you were bit by a radio-active wolver-ene.

  3. Ja-Mez, I hope that you get better soon! You’ll be out of the hospital and working on mastering your powers in no time!

  4. Get better soon, Ja-Mez. We expect a status report on any and all powers when you get back, specifically the inheritance of Bending abilities or ninja skills.

  5. I read him all your messages just now 🙂 He slurringly said “Thanks guys. What is with all the mutant powers?” There is a lot of morphine up in here.

    • I wanted at least subconsciously to read morphine as morphing just now… Shows how much of a one track mind I have in associating Ja-Mez with that sort of thing…

  6. Poor Ja-Mez. Do the have the results of the ultra sound yet? I’m guessing he’s stuck there for at least another night. I hope he’s able to go home soon!

  7. Thanks everyone. Feeling better but not out of the woods. More tests today, more therapy, bodily functions returning to (somewhat) normal. I miss morphine. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and get-well messages. Support seems to make my days go easier….so does morphine.

    • In honor of you, as a get well wish, I decided to get the baby into ninja turtles, so I sang the 80s theme for her, and she kept saying “No, want mister tutrles!” So I tried getting the theme up on YouTube. She got annoyed, then pointed to a video on the sidebar, apparently she already knows from the turtles, but the new version, lol. So now we’re watching that.